Karen Kataline: Is the Left Creating an Alternate Reality?

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In today's show: Kim talks about SB19-053 and her visit to the capitol to testify in its favor, Julianna-Day calls in to tell listeners about the campaign to stop HB19-1032, and Karen Kataline, radio host and author, talks with Kim about the Left and The New Green Deal.

In today’s show:

Kim talks about her testimony at the state capitol in favor of Senate Bill 53 (California low emission vehicle standards). Kim went into depth on this topic on February 12th with Tim Jackson. Adopting California emission standards for Colorado is bad for business and bad for consumers.

Guiliana Day joins Kim to discuss current actions being taken to organize a protest against House Bill 1032 (Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education). Guilliana and others are working to send messages of protest across social media and to lawmakers in an effort to stop the bill. Guilliana urges those who wish to send a message to use the hashtag #dontmesswithourkids when making statements on social media.

Kim’s featured guest is Karen Kataline. Karen is a radio host and author. Her articles appear across a spectrum of conservative publications, including Town Hall and FrontPage Mag. Karen and Kim discuss Karen’s latest article, “Is the Left Creating an Alternate Reality?” and then go on to other subjects, such as The New Green Deal.


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