It is time to search for answers. The reaction/disruption to the COVID 19/Wuhan-China Virus has shut down our businesses, increased crime, affected our kid’s education and assaulted our mental well-being. Join us for the first Kim Monson Salon Series web event: Candid COVID Conversations so that you can learn from experts in the medical, education, community safety and mental well-being fields about COVID and your life.

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ramey johnson

Ramey Johnson

Ramey Johnson is currently finishing her tenth year on Lakewood City Council and also served as former State Legislator serving HD 23. She is a Master’s prepared nurse and has a Critical Care Nurse Certificate. She graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School for State and Local Government. She is a former Chair of the State Medical Services Advisory Board, Jefferson County Marijuana Task Force (ad hoc) and Lakewood Legislative Committee (5 years). She hosted two separate screenings of movies- Seattle is Dying and Chasing the Dragon. Both had panel discussions. She hosted and produced a Marijuana Summit featuring 6 experts in varying fields knowledgeable of marijuana. Ramey is a former member of the Jefferson county Human Services Advisory Board and a past recipient of the Alumni of the year at the CU Health Sciences Nursing Division.

Priscilla Rahn

Priscilla Rahn

Priscilla Rahn is a 27-year veteran master teacher in Denver Public Schools, former principal in Alaska and Colorado and worked as a student teacher supervisor at CCU. She graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Music Education and became Colorado’s first National Board-Certified teacher in Early Adolescent/Young Adult music an elite distinction held by less than 1% of Colorado’s teachers. Priscilla is the Chair of the DPS Asian Education Advisory Council. She is the 2020 Harriet Tubman “Moses” Teacher Leader of the Year recipient from The EduCtr and bestowed an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the Aspen Theological Seminary. She is the new Vice-Chair of the Colorado GOP, wife and stepmom.

sue kenfield

Sue Kenfield

Sue Kenfield, M.A. is CEO of See It Thrive™, LLC. She is a certified resiliency specialist working with individuals and organizations as a catalyst to maximize their successful COVID recovery. Sue leads transformative initiatives with her clients to build agile and resilient organizations by enhancing human capital, strengthening leadership, increasing talent retention, and aligning organizational strategy and culture.

mathew durkin

Matthew Durkin

Our children, safe communities and safe schools should be number one in each and everyone of our goals. Matt Durkin makes community safety his number one priority. Matt has been working for safe communities for years, first with the Attorney General’s office and then working with the District Attorney’s Office. Matt will explain the challenges for community safety with the reaction to COVID.

Jill Vecchio

Dr. Jill Vecchio

Dr. Vecchio is a practicing physician specializing in Radiology with sub-specialization in Women’s Imaging, practicing since 1997. She became politically active after reading the PPACA/”Obamacare”, and began speaking publicly on healthcare policy with an emphasis on market-driven ideas for healthcare reform. She has been on radio, internet and television and had her own radio show. Dr. Vecchio is currently a Healthcare Policy fellow for Centennial Institute, and Healthcare Issues Instructor for Leadership Program of the Rockies.

kim monson

Kim Monson

Kim Monson is the host of The Kim Monson Show and America’s Veteran’s Stories with Kim Monson. Kim looks at issues thru the lens of “Freedom vs Force, Force vs Freedom.” Kim grew up in rural western Kansas and has a deep love for our American Idea and the opportunity for each and every individual to pursue their hopes and dreams.

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