Emotional Intelligence, Colorado Politics, and You  


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07/05/2019 7:34 pm  

Stand for Colorado is almost here!

Kim is back on the show and she announces several more speakers. Stand for Colorado is this Friday, 4-5:30 pm at the Denver Capitol and 5 other locations across Colorado. Over 20 speakers are confirmed. Please come and bring your friends and family. You can learn more at

Carol Baker on why she is taking a stand on local Colorado political issues

Carol Baker is a pharmacist and has only recently also become a political activist. Baker shares what motivated her to become active in local and state politics. Baker is also a speaker at Stand for Colorado and her topic is prescription drugs.

Sue Kenfield and Kim have a conversation about emotional intelligence against the backdrop of the turmoil and conflict of Colorado politics

Sue Kenfield's mission in life is to help other people be better. And mastering one's emotions is a foundation of self-improvement and increased productivity in all spheres of life. Kenfield brings her expertise and insight to today's featured discussion as she and Kim talk about the use of emotional manipulation by politicians, the danger of socialism, and why it is so important for individuals to ensure that they are harnessing their emotions in a positive manner so if they want to enact change.