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Why support Tom Sullivan recall?  Because your voice matters!

Tom Sullivan has proven through his votes he is a crony-activist legislator. I have heard some refer to him as a Polis Puppet. I think he is more of the latter, an activist with an agenda to destroy Colorado rather than represent the people of his district.

Sullivan voted in lockstep with his party’s progressive bloc in support of  most of the radical bills of the 2019 legislative session:  SB19-042, which robs Colorado of our Electoral College Votes; SB19-181, the destruction of our  oil and gas economy, HB19-1032,  comprehensive sex education in our schools; and the so-called “red flag” bill, just to name a few of the most controversial bills.

Referencing his career of over 30-years as a postal worker, on his campaign site he says he is ready to serve the “working families of Colorado” and his district. But scores of moms and dads from his district came to the Capitol to testify against the bills he was supporting, and he did not listen to them.

Those moms and dads of District 37 made hundreds of phone calls and emails throughout the session, tirelessly asking Sullivan to oppose bills that usurped their parental rights and local control, infringed upon their due process rights, and stole their Taxpayer Bill of Rights refunds. Instead, Sullivan supported SB19-181, the worst job-killing bill of the session, a bill legislators and Coloradans alike dubbed “recession by legislation.”

Tom Sullivan supports special interests, not the citizens of District 37

Sullivan’s voting record shows he does not give a hoot about the character of his district. His votes 95% of the time are indistinguishable from the votes of a Boulder liberal.

It does not take a specialist in human motivation to know that “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”  In 2017, Sullivan, representing the postal union, testified at the Capitol against SB17-055, which would have prohibited an employer from requiring any person to become or remain a member of a labor organization. The bill was killed in committee because of adamant opposition from labor union lobbyists like Tom Sullivan.

Companies often give important positions a 90 to 120-day trial period, and then the employer evaluates the person’s performance against the achievement of goals. Based on Tom Sullivan’s performance, most in his district will agree he did not meet the expectations of House District 37, and thus, it is time to implement an employment exit strategy: it’s time to recall Tom Sullivan.

Some talking head “experts” try to tell District 37 citizens to abandon the recall effort because “you can’t win.” That is the opposite of the truth of the matter: District 37 has already lost representation at the Capitol, and the only way to win it back is to recall Tom Sullivan.

To support the effort, go to, or sign the recall petition at the HD 37 Recall office at 7308 S Alton Way, Unit G, Centennial 80112. You can call 423-310-4507 to make sure someone is in the office, and also to learn how you can help.


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