1934, 1984, and America in 2022

To show how the Democratic Party and Joe Biden are using propaganda techniques similiar to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in their rise to power.
In his essay 1934, 1984 and America in 2022, 93 year-old Col. William Rutledge Ret. USAF shares his wisdom and observations regarding similarities between Germany in 1933-34 and America in 2021-22. Col. Rutledge explains that George Orwell predicted much of what is happening today in his book 1984.

In most disciplines it will occasionally become appropriate to compare a contemporary person with a former leader in his/her field. As I have recently been reading a German history, I elected to compare Adolph Hitler in 1933-34 with Joe Biden in 2021-22. Each was/is a head of state. Each gained his position by public election. Both share some common philosophies as well as significant differences.


Hitler was appointed German chancellor in 1933 and elected in 1934 by a vote of the people that gave his party the largest per centage of the vote.

Biden was elected via ballot stuffing in key states. This is confirmed by Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2000 Mules.

Inherited Economy

Hitler assumed leadership during the peak of a world-wide depression. Also, Germany was still paying World War I reparations to the French and British. Germany was required by the Versailles Treaty to be a member of the League of Nations which was one of Hitler’s first abrogations. President Wilson’s “14 points” had also deprived Germany of land, industry and population. All those mandates contributed to World War II.

Biden inherited the best economy in American history, secure borders, energy independence, a strong military and a national majority that viewed “America First” vs “Globalism”.

Industrial Support

One of Hitler’s economic ministers said, “We are enemies, deadly enemies of the present-day capitalist economy—we are determined under all circumstances to destroy this system.” However, Hitler gained early support from large industry that gained financially by rearming. Twenty-five years later Eisenhower would warn America to guard against the industrial-military complex.

Biden received hundreds of millions of dollars from Silicon Valley and other large financial sources that identified themselves as non-profit charitable corporations.


Hitler appointed Joseph Goebbels as the first member of his cabinet to become Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels quickly gained control of all means of internal communications, e.g., radio, press, magazines, printing houses, films, theaters, cabarets public meetings and all governmental agencies. He soon stressed external propaganda that created fear in the film viewing audiences in France and England.

Biden inherited control of the CIA, NSA, FBI, C-Span, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and most of the cable networks via Silicon Valley. He also directed internal media controls throughout every federal department, including the military.

Military Power

Hitler had almost 2,000,000 members of the S.A. (Brown Shirts) that were the militant branch of the Nazi party.

Leftists used ANTIFA and its appendage, BLM (Black Lives Matter), to burn, destroy, pillage, and threaten Americans.


The threat of the Secret Police (Gestapo) was ever-present in Hitler’s Germany.

Biden uses the FBI to create “domestic terrorists” files on parents who attend school board meetings.


Hitler said that a person should decide if he/she were a German or a Christian — one could not be both!

Biden claims to be a Roman Catholic but defies many of its traditions and laws.


Hitler’s propagandist taught the German people that Hitler was god and there was no constitutional framework to challenge his authority.

Biden took an oath to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign or domestic…” He violates his oath every day along our southern border and numerous other venues. COVID-19 did not appear until long after Hitler. However, it has been used by Biden to assert dictatorial power and deprive Americans of our Constitutional rights.

Propaganda Cover

Hitler used all media to emphasize his power.

Biden is protected and his mistakes are not reported by the media so as not to reveal his weak leadership.

Propaganda and Fake News

Propaganda has acquired a contemporary meaning that equates to “Fake News,” political bias, conspiracy theory et al. However, in my lifetime, propaganda dates back to 1933 when Adolph Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Hitler’s first cabinet appointment was Joseph Goebbels as Propaganda Minister. Goebbels soon acquired control of all principal communication systems in Germany which included radio, newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, printing houses, cabarets, theaters and public gatherings or assemblies. All these media were used to enhance the Nazi political agenda. Goebbels also exercised censorship to preclude German citizens from gaining a different perspective from other countries. British radio news from BBC was especially targeted.

Goebbels wrote that propaganda was intended to win over the masses. He said, “The street is the characteristic feature of modern politics. Whoever conquers the street can also conquer the masses, and whoever conquers the masses thereby conquers the state.”

Goebbels ridiculed majority rule and presented instead the concept of an elite followed by the dominant position of the Fuhrer (Hitler).

Hitler wrote, “Propaganda was not intended for intellectuals but for the masses. It should be designed to influence the feelings rather than the understanding and must never be above the comprehension of the most limited elements among those it is designed to influence. Since their capacity to understand is usually limited, propaganda should be restricted to only a few points, punctuated with slogans and repeated over and over again.” (Example: The Big Lie). “Above all it must never be objective, and it must never concede anything whatsoever to the opposition. People react to feelings, and feelings are not complex but simple.”

Nazi propaganda techniques also made it necessary to set up enemies and scapegoats on whom to heap abuse and ridicule. Jews became their principal target.

Nazi youth were to be infused with heroic and militant qualities, not with charity, mercy, meekness and love.

The Biden administration has used our tax dollars to infiltrate all federal agencies, the military, public schools and other targets of opportunity with Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture and White Supremacy narratives. They have used the COVID-19 virus as a psychological and financial instrument to control the public, directly in conflict with our Constitutional rights as outlined in the First Amendment.

The Department of Homeland Security was established following the Islamic terrorists’ destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, September 11, 2001. It was formed by merging many federal agencies as well as the United States Coast Guard to protect all our borders. The President of the United States is ultimately responsible for the failure of this department if it does not fulfill its duties. As Commander-In-Chief, the President may delegate authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security, but he cannot delegate the responsibility.

The Department of Homeland Security is one of the most recent avenues to further threaten any political opposition. The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, recently proposed a Government Disinformation Board (DGB) to act as a super censor. The Department of Homeland Security has not been authorized by Congress to become a national censor of free speech or to intimidate those who exercise this Constitutional right. Like the Grand Inquisitor, their intent is to require conformity with all their policies. It is my belief that there is no legal basis for this political body and its creation is a direct obstruction of our rights as delineated in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Many Americans agree. Because of public outrage, Biden’s DGB has been paused.

I recently read George Orwell’s 1984 which he authored in 1949. Much of what he wrote has come to pass in recent months. Orwell especially delineated Cancel Culture to distort and obstruct real news and historical facts. He depicts the many catastrophic results of socialism and autocratic rule that occurred in 1933-34 and foretells the catastrophic results of socialism and autocratic rule in America’s 2021-22. Elections matter. In November 2022 we can fix this. Vote for candidates who love America and “We the People.”



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  1. Dear Lt. Rutledge,
    Thank you. When this wisdom comes from someone of your stature it has a great deal of creditability. I appreciate all the points you made and your willingness to speak out publicly. Our beautiful America needs prayer now more than ever before
    God bless and keep you.
    Ramey Johnson

  2. Perhaps these are the reasons some Jewish acquaintances have mentioned a concern of another persecution of their people.

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