A Time for Choosing

We are at a time for choosing. Jay Davidson, Founder, CEO and President of First American State Bank, explains that this upcoming election is a decision about individual freedom vs state-control over your life. The Democrat party of 2020 is no longer the party of JFK. It has been hijacked by avowed Socialists and Communists who only care about power. This election is only one battle in a protracted war for individual freedom.

A Time for Choosing

We have a significant decision to make in only 90 days.  And it’s not about which candidate or political party.  It’s a decision about individual freedom versus state-control over your life.  The Left gained control of the once moderate Democrat Party. Avowed Socialist and Communists, so called Democrats, have been elected to national office. This Democrat Party bears little resemblance to the Party of JFK.  Sadly, certain “big government” Republicans like to regulate, spend and tax just like most Democrats. Both lead to greater, more powerful government and bureaucracy.

There is no peaceful coexistence between government control and individual freedom. It is one or the other.  Our Constitution and amendments established the government’s only role, which is to protect individuals from a rampant government bureaucracy, not to exact more rule by regulation.  The rule of law, the Constitution, is all that stands in the way of state control.  This is the war of ideas: freedom or control.  It is here and it is now.

This election is only one battle in a protracted war.  We free citizens, individuals, need to win this battle, this election, to retain the right to fight future battles (in education bias, the media’s bias, and government taxation and regulation) for the sake of individual freedom.

The Left uses government power, through taxation, regulation, even physical force, to control the individual, including our private businesses.  They openly espouse Socialism or Communism or Social Democracy (which was the name of Hitler’s early Fascist Party), but it all means the same: more government control and less individual freedom.  Their mantra is “The government is the only entity that can save you, so give up a little freedom for state controlled protection.“  And right now, the American public is so fearful of COVID, of being called a racist, of retaliation by Antifa, that they are going along – like sheep to the slaughter.

The government’s role is solely to protect the individual, not to impose more controls over individual freedom.  Our nation, in particular, the bureaucratic government, must adhere to the Rule of Law, specifically defined by the Constitution and Amendments.  Rule by Bureaucracy and Regulation has supplanted the Rule of Law thereby negating protraction of individual rights. If we are to retain personal freedom and return our Nation to its original intent, we must stop this incursion by big government politicians in both parties. We are standing at a tipping point and this election will determine so much of our future direction. But it is one battle in a protracted war on freedom, we must win to turn the tide.

So, this election, this single battle in a long war, has significance.  Let’s keep in mind that we have a long road ahead of us and demand those whom we elect, thereby giving them power over us, understand their job is not to impose more government control over us (taxation, regulation and spending/debt), but to eliminate this invasion and intrusion of the government in our private affairs.  As Pogo said: “we has met the enemy and they is us.” And we elected them.  This has to stop now.  Demand that politicians adhere to the First Principle of individual freedom by reducing government control through adherence to the rule of law, the Constitution.





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