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In her most recent essay, Covid Court Martial, author, former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps, and West Point graduate Pam Long explains that the U.S. military currently has a man-power crisis on every front: recruiting, retention, attrition and morale. Pam notes that the commonality behind all these challenges is the toxic influence of prescription drug dependency on modern “public health.”

Pharma Weakens Our National Defense: Ineligible Recruits, Involuntary Separations, & Punishment for Non-Consent

The US military currently has a man-power crisis on every front: recruiting, retention, attrition, and morale. The commonality behind all these challenges is the toxic influence of prescription drug dependency of modern “public health.” In recent years, public health transitioned away from sanitation and clean air and water, and towards new annual vaccine mandates for every man, woman, and child—regardless of natural immunity or risk factors. Will the resistance to the experimental SARS-CoV-2 vaccine become the catalyst that forces the Department of Defense to re-evaluate whether the goal to protect the force is actually purging the force?

Recruitment Crisis

According to Thomas Spoehr, Director at the Center for National Defense,

a number of factors have caused a recruiting crisis in the US Armed Forces which is evident in the 2023 US defense budget projection of a reduction of 12,000 soldiers in the Army, despite an all-time high of $50,000 bonuses for new recruits.

Fewer young adults qualify for military service due to increasing obesity, mental health issues (including a generation with an epidemic of developmental disorders affecting 1 in 44 US children), criminal records, and lack of high school degrees, leaving only 25% of Americans aged 17-24 eligible to enlist.

The DOD Prescription Medication Reporting System signals evidence of a pharmacology epidemic that is disqualifying thousands of remaining applicants. 1 in 12 US children ages 12-17 are on prescribed psychotropic drugs and ineligible for enlistment.

Retention Crisis

The recruiting crisis is exacerbated by the retention crisis caused by the Department of Defense (DOD) mandate for Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the FDA, EUA medical products and tests are voluntary, based on an investigational status, and without liability and consumer protections. In a legal precedent, Doe v. Rumsfeld (2003) decided against DOD’s Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP) on the basis that the Anthrax vaccine was an illegally mandated experimental drug that was not FDA approved.

DOD mandated COVID-19 vaccines, but the FDA approved products of Comirnaty and Spikevax have not begun production yet and are unavailable. Service members have the right to refuse the stockpiles of EUA labeled versions of the COVID-19 vaccines. Despite the DOD’s false claim that FDA approved vaccines and EUA vaccines are “interchangeable,” these vaccines are legally distinct and not listed in the FDA’s Purple Book as biosimilar and interchangeable.

The DOD Vaccine Data reports that 329,910 service members are only partially vaccinated as of May 2022 with the COVID-19 vaccine, and under current mandates will need an accommodation to be retained for service. As of February 2022, media reported 16,000 service members have been waiting months for approval of religious accommodations, and pending involuntary separation if those requests are denied.  These numbers are potential catastrophic losses to military personnel, with years of experience and training to be lost, even as Dr. Fauci declared COVID-19 a mild, endemic virus like the flu.

Billion-dollar contracts with the pharmaceutical companies that are mandating products for the “health of the force” are disconnected from the harm to military readiness caused by personnel losses. DOD’s initial contract with Moderna cost $1.97 Billion, and the initial contract with Pfizer cost $1.95 Billion.

Court Martials, Lawsuits, and Involuntary Separations

In April 2022, 1LT Mark Bashaw, an Army Public Health Officer, was the first defendant in an Army court martial for his refusal to comply with COVID-19 EUA masking and EUA testing requirements.

In United States v 1LT Mark C Bashaw, the US Army charged Bashaw, under Article 92, Failure to Obey an Order, with: failure to take a medical test, and failure to wear a mask. Bashaw plead not guilty to the charges. The Army recommended formal reprimand and $25,000 in forfeiture of pay. Judge Robert Cohen found Bashaw guilty of both charges, but recommended no additional punishments beyond the conviction, which is the equivalent of a civilian misdemeanor. Judge Cohen commented on Bashaw’s exemplary 16 years of meritorious service during sentencing.

Bashaw’s court martial demonstrated that DOD is submissively following the CDC and its partnership with Pfizer and Moderna to coerce EUA masks, EUA tests, and EUA vaccines, and to punish refusers and whistleblowers. Service members who refused the EUA vaccines describe the command climate utilizing coercion in the forms of restrictions from work travel, exclusion from training and schools, and disapproval of promotions and positions. Service members also describe religious inquisitions that are aimed to discredit the morality of the member rather than the sincerity of the religious accommodation request.

There are currently 23 lawsuits pending against the DOD COVID-19 vaccine mandate, with an unknown number of service members retiring early or requesting voluntary separation to avoid the mandates. One Army colonel seeking retirement, rather than promotion to brigadier general, received an email from the Pentagon with a long list of unfilled command positions in active-duty units due to shortages of qualified officers. A retiring Department of the Army civilian was notified that 36,000 DOD civilians are in a backlog of applications to retire as soon as possible. Service members refer to this unpublicized military exodus as “the great resignation.”

There is evidence that DOD has adopted retaliation tactics in response. At least 30 service members have reported being separated under Honorable or General discharges, and then later receiving a misconduct code in their final paperwork (DD214). This mischaracterization of their military service implies to future employers that they committed a serious offense and limits their access to medical and educational benefits as veterans.

These overall loss numbers indicate that purging the force for the alleged health of the force has been adopted as DOD policy. DOD reports 95 deaths in the military associated with COVID-19 to date. In comparison, DOD has separated 3,711 service members for non-compliance with COVID-19 mandates. These losses could be mitigated by recognizing natural immunity and offering therapeutic treatments to members who become sick with a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate.

Adverse Reactions, Suicides, and Attrition

On January 24, 2022, Sen. Ron Johnson chaired a panel discussion “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” with medical experts sounding the alarm on the vaccine and current medical treatment protocols. The doctors on the panel warned that DOD and the CDC have withheld surveillance data since September 2021 that the vaccine is causing catastrophic harm and failing to prevent infection, with breakout cases in 70% of those vaccinated.

At the panel, attorney Thomas Renz summarized data from sworn affidavits of three military medical whistleblowers. The whistleblowers provided data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) indicating that miscarriages increased 300% in 2021 over the previous five-year average, cancer increased 300% in 2021 over the previous five-year average, and neurological disorders increased 1000% in 2021 over the past five-year average.

The DMED data is a strong prediction of unprecedented attrition in the armed forces due to medical disqualifications in the next few years.

The pandemic policies also contributed to increased deaths of despair. DOD reported 584 suicides in 2020 and 518 suicides in 2021, across Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard. These suicides will likely increase as service members realize the chain of command’s betrayal of claiming experimental vaccines were FDA approved and mandatory.

Are Pharmaceutical Companies Calling the Shots at DOD?

In conclusion, our military has war-gamed and fought many types of foreign adversaries, but is it capable of recognizing a domestic threat? Is pharmacology undermining the recruitment pool and retention of the junior ranks of our armed forces? Are pharmaceutical contracts facilitating punishment and attrition among refusers in order to sell millions of doses to DOD? Does the pharmaceutical industry profit from iatrogenic injuries and their subsequent treatments in US military personnel? If the answers are yes, then Pharma stands in an entrenched position as an unchecked and unrestrained domestic threat to national security.



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  1. Super work again Pam! I feel sorry for anyone entering the military today. The vax requirements are onerous indeed. Religious exemptions are not being processed in a fair manner. Lucky for me that I retired last year, or I’d be getting court-martialed too!

  2. Hi Pam,

    Thank you, for writing your essay on the “COVID Court Martial” issue.

    The 2003 Anthrax Vaccine ruling surprised me. In 1998 and again in 2007, I did some subcontract work at the U.S. Midsize company that manufactures Anthrax vaccine. In 1998 the company name was ‘BioPort.’ In 2007 it was Emergent BioDefense Operations Lansing, INC. In 2007, I received the Anthrax vaccine. It was about 3x shots, two weeks apart followed by a six month booster shot. During the orientation and corporate training, they said the Anthrax vaccine had been developed in about 1917, and that it was one of the safest in the world. It’s about 98% effective in preventing Anthrax in people who are exposed to weapons grade Anthrax. As for me, I do not think I’ve had any adverse reactions, or side affects, other than injection site pain. The second, or third shot in the regime packs a wallop. Alhydrogel is a great preservative, but can pack a wallop when injected subcutaneously. One contractor had an adverse reaction after the first injection (ie, some bumps on skin full of puss). He did not get anymore shots of the vaccine, and the skin condition cleared up.

    In 1998 there was a rumor that Anthrax was causing Persian Gulf Syndrome, of which included fatigue in soldiers. However, I thought that theory was debunked, and that the fatigue was caused by consuming Diet Pepsi that had been shipped to Saudi Arabia, and of which was recklessly left on the hot tarmac for a long time before being sent to the mess hall for cooling. Apparently, a chemist was able to duplicate the conditions of the Diet Pepsi during shipping, and found that the heat caused large concentrations of formaldehyde to form inside each can of Diet Pepsi. This was said to have caused the “Persian Gulf Syndrome.”

  3. I am yet another member on the chopping block. As a TSgt in the AZANG, I’ve got 18.5+ years of service. Evidently, I’m the single soul in the state of Arizona (Air guard)that has no accommodation in place, and is a straight refusal. I have been unable to drill, but have been working title 32 during the week. My scheduled administrative board is scheduled for the 13th of May, yet I’ve had no chain of punishment. No LOR, no Article 15, no suspension…Just straight to discharge. The weakness of our military and administration is beyond an embarrassment to this great nation.

    1. God speed! I’m closing in on 14yrs USAFR I’ll be out in 1/1000 less time than it took to write my first RAR get rejected then given 72 hours to write an appeal then get rejected and given 5 days to get the shot or the boot. Oh I’ve been doing this since September 2021 they take their time and give us none. Wish now I just straight refused. But god has a plan and it’s bigger than you or I and certainly them

  4. Is DOD captured by Fauci and the Big Pharma cartel.. Indeed.
    Chapter 6 of Robert F Kennedy’s
    “The real Anthony Fauci” covers Dr Shy-Chin Lo Chief researcher in charge of the Aids Program for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. HE isolated Mycoplasmas – a bacterial type pathogen that worked in conjunction with HIV to make people ill with aids.
    Fauci and his influence peddling was able to shut him down and continue to kill people with AZT… as it goes on today needlessly

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