Public Health “Partnerships” Sponsor Big Tech & Big Pharma Visions

Big business and big government love each other. Big pharma, the hospital industrial complex, Democrat politicians and public health bureaucrats really love each other. In her Op-Ed, "Public Health 'Partnerships' sponsor Big Tech & Big Pharma Visions," West Point graduate and former Captain in the Army Medical Service Corps Pam Long sheds light on the Metro Denver Partnership of Health’s behind closed doors, non-transparent stated agenda focused on seven work groups: behavioral health, data sharing, healthy beverages, early childhood, climate change, health equity, and strategic partnerships.

The Real Agenda of Public Health Partnerships

“Partnerships” are front groups to bypass checks and balances in a representative government, and they commonly use “safety” or “health” goals as their Trojan Horse vehicle. Now they have expanded their stealth tactics with the alleged goals of “equity.”

Remember in April 2020 when Colorado joined the new “Western States Pact”, through a unilateral decision by Governor Polis? The Western States Pact members consist of four states on the West Coast with Democrat Governors and Colorado who “shared a vision” that Stay-at-Home orders and mask mandates were the best strategies for managing a pandemic. Two years later, the public sees the detrimental outcomes of this shared groupthink vision. The Pact is proud of the COVID-19 “Exposure Notifications Systems” that they launched in their states, which have been accessed by law enforcement to track the affiliations and movements of protestors. Had contact tracing applications been developed by public stakeholders with both privacy and health experts, then this latest tool of Big Tech could have included safeguards against being weaponized against citizens in an increasing surveillance state. If the contact tracing program had gone through the state legislative process, it is plausible that healthcare workers would have prioritized funding early treatment protocols over phone apps in the budget. But “the Pact,” not the people, decided priorities and funding.

Fast forward to February 2022, when most of the world is ending COVID-19 restrictions and mandates. Yet in Colorado, there are a few holdout county health boards who refuse to relinquish their COVID-19 control. In fact, these public “servants” are in a private pact, and they call it a “partnership” while abandoning transparency and input with the public they are appointed to serve.

Metro Denver Partnership for Health

The Metro Denver Partnership for Health  (MDPH) consists of Boulder County Public Health (Camille Rodriguez, Lexi Nolen), Broomfield Department of Public Health and Environment (Jason Vahling, Deb Federspiel), Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (Bob McDonald), Jefferson County Public Health (Dawn Comstock), the defunct Tri-County Health Department (John Douglas, Jennifer Ludwig) Public Health Institute at Denver Health (Bob Belknap, Judy Shlay), and CDPHE (Michele Shimomura).

MDPH has seven work groups: behavioral health, data sharing, healthy beverages, early childhood, climate change, health equity, and strategic partnerships.  Does this sound like a bipartisan collaboration? It’s not. Does this group include public input at their monthly meetings? Nope. How are they funded? Each partnership member (named above) contributes annual dues “structured on a per-member basis ($2000) and per capita” or substantial taxpayer money. And MDPH board members meet in-person, while currently limiting the citizens in their county meetings to online-only meetings.

Who are the strategic partners of MDPH? Centura Health, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, SCL Health, UC Health, Denver Health, Health ONE, National Jewish Health, and Children’s Hospital Colorado are listed. These “partners” are capable of generating 70 full-time lobbyists to ensure a bill is passed in the legislature that profits their companies or advances their agendas. The MDPH steering committee refers to themselves as “Chief Community Health Strategists,” and presumably they know what is best for all of us, without hearing from any of us. Is this where the backdoor deals are made without the open records oversight of CORA? Likely.

Social Health Information Exchange

MDPH champions a “Social Health Information Exchange” (S-HIE) project of Colorado Health Institute. The S-HIE is an “ecosystem” that “support’s people’s health, social, and economic needs.” Is this a social credit system pilot program? “The S-HIE is about building a community of care around individuals and families.” That community of care includes health care providers, transportation, legal assistance, housing assistance, food assistance, and more. S-HIE is based in health equity goals. “Interoperable S-HIE will promote equity by transforming the currently siloed systems, ridden with access barriers, to make them more effective, accessible, and responsive to the needs of every community member.”

“Community of care” sounds similar to the disingenuous of “all in this together.” Furthermore, people who value privacy prefer the longstanding siloed health, social, and economic systems that prevent Big Tech from the previously mentioned contact tracing by law enforcement based on personal affiliations and government dissent.

Public Health Partnership Overreach

Who is the MDPH member listed as the project leader for S-HIE? Jefferson County Public Health. This would involve the most controversial public health director in Colorado, Dawn Comstock, whom thousands of constituents have demanded her resignation from the Board of Health for 25 allegations of malfeasance. CORA requested documents show that Comstock requested MPHA attorneys to strategize on “the next battleground” on how to put out a strong statement that there is no religious exemption to her mandates. Comstock’s rhetoric and legal battles indicate that she is at war with her community and the 1st Amendment.

Likewise, CDPHE’s participation in the MDPH board is overdue for legislative oversight.  CDPHE was caught in a 2016 state audit revealing a conflict of interest with employees serving on the board of Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition (CCIC subsequently rebranded as Immunize Colorado), while CDPHE paid CCIC $1.8 million dollars in no-bid contracts to promote vaccinations and to lobby against vaccine exemptions in legislation. Immunize Colorado is another example of a government health “partnership” that ensures that Big Pharma’s “vision” dominates over the shut-out objections of citizens, and that CDPHE in turn maximizes federal funding for reaching vaccine compliance goals by eliminating longstanding exemptions for medical, religious, and personal beliefs.

In November 2021, MDPH sent a letter to Gov. Polis and CDPHE demanding a public health order requiring vaccine passports to access public venues, mask mandates for all people age 2 and older, and vaccine mandates across many sectors in the workforce to include teachers, healthcare workers, and government employees. MDPH members are using their public health positions to actively lobby for their own private interests without evidence of support from their constituents, who likely are unaware of the rogue demands of MDPH. Citizens should verify if the bylaws of their public health department allow the director to lobby for private interests that have not resulted from the public stakeholder process, and citizens should also determine if the public health director is actively violating open meeting laws by participation in the closed door meetings of MDPH.

Metro Denver Partnership for Health Must be Transparent

Coloradans must demand transparency from their local officials on involvement with MDPH, which has wildly different health priorities than what is discussed with the public at county Board of Health meetings. CDPHE briefed the legislature in January 2022 that its four priorities in the state strategic health plan are coronavirus, mental health, air quality, and HIV. Taxpayers should have access to MDPH meetings and records, and taxpayers should have input on the decision for their county to renew annual MDPH membership. Until accountability is restored with the public, MDPH is a partnership with Big Tech and Big Pharma.



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  1. I live in Weld County but we are in the SVVSD. I am tired of the Boulder County Health Department dictating the mandates for Weld County. My children don’t wear masks anywhere, except at their schools in WELD COUNTY. I have questioned Dr. Haddad over and over about why we have to follow the corrupt Boulder County HD when we are in school in Weld County. He keeps doubling down on the district being based in Boulder County, therefore, we MUST follow the mandates from the BCHD or face fines. I have no idea if this is true. I don’t know how to fight this but I know my children’s mental well-being hinges on me fighting for them. Please continue your great work. We must expose the corruption. Our children are pawns and they are most definitely paying the price.

  2. Pam Long – Thank you for another great piece of investigative reporting.

    The corruption in Colorado is so very bad on many levels, but especially with Governor Polis, CDPHE, CCIC, and the Metro Denver Partnership for Health.

    Keep writing and keep exposing all of this. People are waking up!

  3. Hi Pam,
    Very interesting article. We have started an alliance of healthcare practitioners in Colorado. We only started two months ago and have close to 80 members. We also have a very close relationship with the local Stand for Health Freedom group, which also started about 3 months ago, and they now have 20,000.
    Do you mind contacting me at some point. We have many avenues working and trying to break past the narrative.

    Thank you,
    Rachel Corbett

  4. Hi Pam,
    Very interesting article. We have started an alliance of healthcare practitioners in Colorado. We only started two months ago and have close to 80 members. We also have a very close relationship with the local Stand for Health Freedom group, which also started about 3 months ago, and they now have 20,000.
    Do you mind contacting me at some point. We have many avenues working and trying to break past the narrative.

    Thank you,
    Rachel Corbett

  5. This is a poowerful report; thanks to Pam Long for doing it. Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Government Health Agency, Big Health Care systems’ collusion in the form of community partnerships has been a scam for years. The lack transparancy exists for a reason… to get their profit oriented dominance over the masses look so altruistic and noble under the guise of community health.

  6. Insurance companies reporting that there’s a rare, once in a millennium shift in the death rate (up 40%) for 18 to 64 year olds in 2021(not from COVID). Our public health cronies do not have this on their radar because they are too preoccupied with planning COVID shots for 5 year olds. Gee, I wonder if the 23,000 deaths (VAERS) from the COVID shots have anything to do with this. VAERS is under reported by at least 5X.

  7. Pam Long- We the public need access to the Data that is under “Access Denied” when we try to find this out through the IRB’s. The IRB’s (Independent Review Boards) are far from it. They are more than likely the Hospital systems, and University partnerships in the states. Data is being weaponized in a way that doesn’t understand the Individuals life at all and it doesn’t seek to. Yes DEI is funded by JP Morgan, Chase, and many other large bankers and elitist investment groups under faux non-profits that few if any have heard of that have to follow what the investment groups want. Community representations and participation in government is non existent. The OHRP (Office of Human Research P) gives the Universities and major research Hospital systems IRB approval through something called Federal Wide Assurance. The thing is we are all involuntarily forced into a massive research experiment. Ethics and Data integrity has been thrown out to cow tow to Industry and Banking Cartels and large Investment groups in an effort to force procedures, products, and more on us via Data monopolized, coercion, psychological operations marketing schemes through the sold out bought out media outlets/legacy media, and it is being used to force us through removing our ability to make a living and enter into stores without complying ….All risk is on us, complete liability protection for manufacturers. How can we have access to the IRB data used by Public Health Agencies to promote police power legislation against us? How can we stop these fraudulent schemes from reaching appropriations wasting working class $$. How can we stop the monopoly lobbyists from taking over the state??

  8. I pray for our patriot clerks! They are saving our citizens from criminally corrupt Colorado politicians! We stand for the brave clerks. Even Democrats are embarrassed and ashamed of these corrupt low life’s!

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