RFK Jr.’s Platform for POTUS Will Earn Votes Across All Political Parties

Pam Long, lifelong conservative and the military health writer for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s organization Children’s Health Defense, shares her perspective on RFK Jr.’s candidacy for POTUS. Long discusses his leadership, diplomacy, and decades of expertise regarding critical health and environmental issues. Long notes, in victory or defeat, all Americans will benefit from the truth RFK Jr. boldly speaks and the justice he courageously seeks.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
RFK Jr.’s Platform for POTUS Will Earn Votes Across All Political Parties

Disclaimer: I write this article as a lifetime conservative and the military health writer for Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s organization Children’s Health Defense. Many people have asked me for my perspective on RFK Jr’s candidacy for POTUS. In short, he demonstrates strong skills in leadership, diplomacy, and decades of expertise on critical health and environment issues. In his victory or defeat, all Americans will benefit from the truth he boldly speaks and the justice he courageously seeks.

On April 19, 2023, Robert F. Kennedy (RFK Jr.) announced his campaign as a Democrat Candidate for President of the United States in Boston. The theme of his lengthy announcement speech was about the merger of state and corporate power to expropriate the wealth and rights of the people. The capturing of Big Government by Big Business has resulted in a Thievocracy, which is managed by industry-sponsored Democrat and Republican elected officials at the national level. Party loyalties are weaker than ever in many states, including Colorado, where the majority of voters are registered as Independent. The Democrat National Convention responded to RFK Jr’s announcement by canceling Democrat primary debates. This is an indicator of the Biden administration supporter’s awareness of RFK Jr.’s masterful eloquence on US history, the Constitution, and corruption in all of our government agencies. If voters ignore mainstream media and conduct their own candidate analysis, RFK Jr.’s platform will appeal to members of all political parties: honest government, reconciliation, environment, revitalization, peace, and civil liberties.


RFK Jr. is a defender of the 1st Amendment and outspoken critic of censorship. On May 5, 2023, he tweeted,

“Here’s how I will dismantle the surveillance state. I will replace the officials that have been instructing tech companies to censor users. I will direct the justice department to stop prosecuting whistleblowers and start investigating the crimes they expose. I will rescind administrative policies that surveil Americans’ communications. In the long term, it is about forging an entirely different relationship between people and government based on respect.”


RFK Jr.’s reconciliation platform section addresses divisive topics such as abortion, guns, racial tensions, and immigration. These are social issues that conservatives might not agree with as he aims to find a middle ground, but isn’t it refreshing for a candidate to seek common ground? Coming from a large family and having six children of his own, I would expect him to lean towards yesteryear’s “safe, legal, rare” abortion policy approach, and reject the current “abortion is healthcare” mantra of radical Democrats which legalized abortion on demand up until birth in six states. Many voters are aware from the 2022 SCOTUS reversal on Roe v. Wade that abortion is regulated by state governments, not the POTUS. Regarding the Second Amendment, I would expect him to support gun ownership as he is a statesman who is well versed in the Constitution and supporter of rod-and-gun owners in his past coalition building. Regarding race, RFK Jr. rejects reparations as the punishment for alleged white privilege, and instead promotes “Targeted Community Repair” to improve living conditions in Black and Native communities. Regarding immigration, RFK Jr. tweeted:

“Is it possible to be pro-immigration AND pro closing the border? Yes. America should be a haven of freedom and prosperity, open to law-abiding migrants who contribute to our society. However, immigration must proceed in an orderly, lawful manner. Right now we have chaos at the border. Human trafficking, criminality, intolerable stress on border states like Texas. It is a humanitarian nightmare.”


With a career in environmental law, we should expect RFK Jr. to care deeply about the environment to include healthy food, pure water, clean air, and unpolluted land. He has plans for regenerative farming and reducing toxic wastes, industrial poisons, and pesticides. He will also offer incentives to industries for clean energy sources, and will promote “curbing mining, logging, and oil drilling.” However, this is a candidate who understands economics and supply-and-demand, so he differs greatly from elitist WEF sustainability goals to eliminate gas vehicles by the arbitrary 2030 date. Many Conservatives express concerns about his position on “climate change.” His environmental policy approach is influenced by years of prosecuting corporations for large scale pollution and toxicity, and not aimed at taxing the citizens on petty crimes of using plastic straws or plastic grocery bags.


RFK Jr. is very concerned with rising poverty in America. In April 2023, the US government removed 15 million people from Medicare and cut 30 million people’s food stamps by 90%, while bailing out banks with $300 million to Silicon Valley Bank and funding a $113 billion war in Ukraine.

He tweeted on April 25 and May 1 respectively:

The Biden administration is riddled with Neocons, war hawks, Wall Street people, and former corporate lobbyists. That’s what the party elite has become. But I know the rank-and-file — and the American people as a whole — don’t share their priorities. It’s time to return our party and our nation to the people.”

Between Oct. 2021 and Sep. 2022, the U.S. spent $877 billion on the military, more than the next ten countries combined. These huge military expenditures, along with the rising costs of a for-profit healthcare system, have driven the U.S. national debt to over $31 trillion, nearly $5 trillion more than the US GDP.”

For people who vote as single-issue voters on revitalizing our health system out of the control of Big Pharma, RFK Jr. will find much support from this statement he made on Twitter:

Another key aspect of American revitalization is our healthcare system, which consumes nearly one-fifth of GDP. It isn’t just a matter of shifting the burden of who pays. The problem is much deeper. Healthcare spending per capita has increased twelve-fold since 1960. Are we twelve times healthier? Quite the contrary: We face, today, a terrible pandemic—not of Covid, but of chronic disease. Autoimmunity, allergies, diabetes, obesity, addiction, anxiety, and depression afflict two-thirds of the population, up from a small percent in our grandparents’ time. A Kennedy administration will go beyond making existing modalities available to all, to include low-cost alternative and holistic therapies that have been marginalized in a pharma-dominated system. We will move from a sick care system to a wellness society.”


RFK Jr. has a complex understanding of humanitarian needs in Ukraine where the people are political pawns, the US involvement in provoking an unsustainable war with Russia, and how this conflict pushes Russia to ally with China. His position is to end the war with diplomacy. He firmly grasps how the media has been complicit in this geopolitical plot starting in 2014. He tweeted on May 10, 2023:

Just as they did during the Iraq War, America’s jingoistic press outlets bear a major responsibility for this unnecessary war that has ravaged Ukraine and killed some 315,000 Ukrainians. Rather than seeking to contextualize events properly for their readers, the U.S. media systematically deceived Americans about the causes and course of the war while faithfully parroting the Neocon propaganda narrative.”

RFK Jr. has been very outspoken recently about how the CIA’s purpose, going back to JFK’s administration, was to create a steady pipeline of war to feed the military industrial complex. He tweeted:

A high priority of a Kennedy administration will be to make America strong again. When a body is sick, it withdraws its energy from the extremities in order to nourish the vital organs. It is time to end the imperial project and attend to all that has been neglected: the crumbling cities, the antiquated railways, the failing water systems, the decaying infrastructure, the ailing economy. Annual defense-related spending is close to one trillion dollars. We maintain 800 military bases around the world…

As President, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will start the process of unwinding empire. We will bring the troops home. We will stop racking up unpayable debt to fight one war after another. The military will return to its proper role of defending our country. We will end the proxy wars, bombing campaigns, covert operations, coups, paramilitaries, and everything else that has become so normal most people don’t know it’s happening. But it is happening, a constant drain on our strength. It’s time to come home and restore this country.”


RFK Jr. supports rehabilitation programs in prison, and transforming the police, not defunding the police, with training to investigate serious crimes and not to harass citizens.

But even more far-reaching, he plans to restore the civil rights which were crushed for nearly all citizens during COVID. He tweeted on April 26, 2023:

It is dawning on mainstream figures like Anthony Fauci that their Covid policies were a public health disaster. Lots of us are angry about the mandates, the lockdowns, the censorship, the insanity. But we need to avoid the toxic quagmire of retribution and blame and focus on ensuring this never happens again. Clean up the regulatory agencies, get corporate money out of public health, and guarantee free, open, uncensored public and scientific discourse.

Of course, officials who betrayed the public trust must not be allowed to hold power. I will remove them from their positions and, if laws were broken, my attorney general will prosecute.

Just to be clear, I will prosecute any official who engaged in criminal wrongdoing during the pandemic. Corrupt individuals are a small part of the problem. Our agencies have been captured by corporate power, but the vast majority of their staff are decent people. We need to get corporate influence out of *all* regulatory agencies so that they can serve the people honestly.

Not retribution, but justice! As President, I will direct my attorney general to investigate and prosecute every person who knowingly defrauded or deceived the American public about the safety and efficacy of medical products and I will obtain justice and compensation for every American who was injured or suffered the death of family members from those actions. As a presidential candidate, I’ll continue to expose corruption to obtain justice for the injured.”

Overall, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. promotes American values. The man has advocated for years to protect children from Big Pharma (vaccine mandates), Big Tech (5G wireless radiation), and Big Ag (Glyphosate). Given his advocacy, I do not expect him to support gender transition of minor children. The US and the world will hear truth and see justice if RFK Jr. is victorious over President Joe Biden in the Democrat Primary.



2 Responses

  1. “He will also offer incentives to industries for clean energy sources, and will promote “curbing mining, logging, and oil drilling.”
    Although I would support incentives, I do believe those receiving would need to have some serious work showing what they plan to explore and to precisely what extent it will be helpful to the American people/economy.

    “Many Conservatives express concerns about his position on “climate change.”
    Can I assume that, like his father, he is a Catholic? Not a “catholic” like Joe and Nancy (and so many others). In other words, simply put, does he realize God is in control and all our machinations may very well be for naught. We are to be stewards, gardeners not manipulators trying to wrench control from the hand of God.

  2. Very good. Thank you Pam. Like you, don’t agree on all topics but 1000% better than Biden and the global Marxists. Especially pleased with goal of unwinding the empire overseas. Ron Paul had the same goal. We all should have that goal. It is time.

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