School Choice is Anti-Fascist

In his latest essay School Choice is Anti-Fascist, author Allen Thomas explains that Hitler and his Nazis recognized the power of control and indoctrination of the education of children. Thomas notes that there are several parallels between Hitler’s strategy and today’s government-run education system. Thomas recognizes that the antidote to educational fascism is school choice.
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Kim Monson Featured Articles
School Choice is Anti-Fascist

There was a joke in Nazi Germany that asked what all was “the time it takes a grade school teacher to change his political allegiance.” The fascist Nazi government understood that one of the most important institutions to change and control was education of the younger generations. They knew that if they could indoctrinate and control the youth, then their political power would be secure, and their political ideology would be cemented and never questioned. It is critical to examine history and learn from it otherwise we are doomed to repeat it. There were three trends in Nazi Germany that are beginning to show strange parallels in our education system: the injection of race teachings, the rewriting of textbooks to reflect ideology, and the banning of teachers based on race and political parties.

The most obvious and horrible change the Nazi’s made was to inject race into the education system. They used biology to explain why certain races were inferior and why others were the most superior. They injected it into history to explain why Jews were the root of all the problems in Germany (more on rewriting history later). The Nazi’s literally taught “racial awareness” and had the children create their family tree to see which children had the most “worthy” racial backgrounds. Our country was founded on an idea that all humans are born with equal rights and yet it is scary to see some of the changes our education system is making due to race. The hyper fascination of race in today’s woke education and the “racial awareness” training that we are now watching is strikingly familiar. They are fracturing our ability to come together by teaching that certain races are inferior due to slavery. Slavery was abolished in the 1800’s (something children are not responsible for and have no control over). Race is used to divide, not unite and we are starting to see the ramifications of it. School choice is about allowing parents the opportunity to remove their children from these teachers who want to solely teach about race and mirror the fascist tendencies of Nazi Germany.

One of the first things Hitler did was rewrite the textbooks, making sure to highlight the aforementioned racial awareness. But most of the changes were subtle changes. The Nazi’s made changes to the textbooks to accentuate and produce nationalism, along with highlighting the glory of Germany. Hitler had a goal, and changed the textbooks to attain that goal, and unfortunately, he was resoundingly successful at it. He knew that if they made small changes, the public outcry could be managed. The authority that is implicit in “textbooks” allows for changes to be made and then the logical fallacy of an appeal to authority can be made. The scary thing is, are we not seeing this now? Are they not rewriting the textbooks to highlight the 1619 Project and also subtly changing what is in the history textbooks? Are they not appealing to the authority of the institution of education to justify these changes? They are even changing how we are doing math! The progressive ideology is being poured into our state-run education system. Admittedly, the primary goals of Hitler and the Progressives are different, but the very fact that they both seek to change and influence the coming generations are cause for concern. The education system should be unbiased by ideology, and the only way to ensure that is to allow the free market and parents to influence the education system. This is only done through school choice.

All of these changes to the curriculum are moot unless you can be assured that the curriculum is being taught; so Hitler made sure that the teachers not only were going to teach it but that they were also ideologically aligned with the material. The most obvious and drastic change he made was to fire all the Jewish teachers. But then all the teachers that did not toe the Nazi party line slowly started getting let go or sent to mandatory training seminars and camps. Eventually, full allegiance to the Nazi party was required to be a teacher. The system stabilized when young, Nazi trained teachers started replacing the older teachers who either were putting up a silent resistance or they were fired. The ignorance of children was used in two ways: to either report on their parents to the fanatical Nazi school teachers or to report to parents which teachers were not Nazi enthusiasts who were then reported to school administrators. Shocking videos are being released of principals admitting that they will not hire republican teachers and that they are creating hostile workplaces to force them out. Teachers are being let go because they refuse to teach curriculum contrary to their moral beliefs or conscious. Teachers unions are harshly anti-school choice. School choice is a way for parents to push back on curriculum based in ideology by having a say in the people hired to educate their children. It is more in line with fascist Nazi’s to force an educator to teach ideology than it is for parents to ask for diversity of thought.

It is the greatest form of gas lighting to call someone a Fascist who is in favor of decentralizing government and state control of education. Yet that is what we are seeing out of the Regressive (because they are taking us back, not Progressing forward) left and mainstream media.  Parents are attacked for caring and wanting to take control of the education of their children and being called a Nazi for doing so. But this is also how they fought back in Nazi Germany. The teachers said their “Heil Hitlers” yet still tried to teach students how to actually think and rejected the teachings of the new books. Children stood up against the teachers and chose the love of their family instead of falling to the pressure of the Nazi enthusiasts. Parents did their best to teach their children in their own homes. Today is no different because it will always be the right and responsibility of the parents to teach their children. Seeking to diversify schools by asking for charter schools, being critical of the curriculum and not supporting teachers unions who have clear ideological bias is not fascist behavior; in fact, based on history and studying what fascist actually do and believe we can clearly call school choice activists what they really are: anti-fascist.



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