The Insidious Nature of Pfizer’s Vaccine Bait and Switch

There is a social compact between We the American people and the representatives we elect. First and foremost we expect a relationship of Truth so that we can trust the actions of government representatives and those they appoint to serve us. In this eye-opening Op-Ed, West Point graduate and former Captain in the Army Service Medical Corps Pam Long explains a bait and switch narrative regarding the FDA’s “approval” of the Comirnaty vaccine.

On August 31, 2021 a Children’s Health Defense legal team consisting of attorneys Robert F. Barnes and Derek Jordan of Barnes Law, CHD Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and other counsel for CHD filed a motion with the United States District court for the Eastern District of Tennessee against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its acting director, Dr. Janet Woodcock. The motion asks for a federal judge to direct the FDA to suspend its license for Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine and to extend its Pfizer-BioNTech Emergency Use Authorization. According to the complaint,

“The FDA faced a conundrum: under immense political pressure to rush approval of a COVID-19 vaccine in record time to satiate the mandate fervor of some in the military and corporate America, the FDA acted — without consulting its advisory board, without answering citizen petitions, without addressing scientific concerns, and even without updating its data regarding the Delta coronavirus variant. Knowing that approval and licensure of such a vaccine required revoking all Emergency Use Authorized vaccines for the same indication, and knowing that revocation would risk liability exposure to vaccine makers, government actors and healthcare workers, the FDA did the impermissible.

It answered this conundrum by pretending to “approve” a vaccine that isn’t widely available, playing a game of bait-and-switch, and confusing the public into thinking they are getting a vaccine with some legal remedies when in fact they are not because of the bait-and- switch. The FDA purportedly managed to do what the law forbids: “approve” a vaccine but not revoke any Emergency Use Authorized vaccines for the same indication.”

Our military members have already experienced unprecedented coercion regarding the military mandate of the Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) COVID vaccines. As the military health writer for Children’s Health Defense, and I have an active network of 18,000 people on social media who have shared concerns about the military vaccine mandate of the Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) COVID vaccines. I verify all messages to me about vaccine coercion in the military with two other sources who lead health organizations with over 20,000 supporters each. I also communicate directly with spouses of active duty personnel and parents of cadets. This coercion is happening across all branches, all ranks to degrees, both active and reserve units, and at military academies. Some of these policies have been documented in written memorandums by the chain of command. I verify all reports and all of the following have happened to more than one person, at more than one duty location. These are just a few examples of the coercion our service men and women have been experiencing for declining the EUA COVID vaccines:

Basic needs. Unvaccinated Service Members (SM) have been denied access to dining facilities and gyms. This includes reports from deployed soldiers in Baghdad who are denied access to all MWR facilities including the Post Exchange, without access to other venues to purchase toiletries, and forced to conduct PT in 100+ degree heat outside while wearing a mask.

Promotion. Unvaccinated SM have been removed from leadership positions, denied TDY and PCS travel, denied schools for promotion, and told they are flagged as non-deployable. A non-deployable status for 12 months can result in separation.
Leave. Unvaccinated SM have been ordered to forfeit their two week leave with families prior to deployment to live in quarantine facilities, even with negative PCR tests.

Solitary Confinement of Sailors. Unvaccinated SM on ships have been denied common port calls to leave the ship for up to the duration of the 8-12 month deployment and some SM have been placed in solitary confinement with meals brought to their confined space.
Pregnancy. Pregnant and breastfeeding SM have been told they are required to take the experimental drug or face punishment or separation, while exemptions for pregnant SM are common with other vaccines. Similar coercion has been applied to SM in child bearing years expressing concerns about unknown fertility risk and developmental harm to a future child at conception.

Pilots. Unvaccinated pilots report being administratively grounded and sent home from training, even with a demonstrated higher risk of blood clots associated with the experimental COVID vaccines.

Families. Families of unvaccinated SM and cadets have been denied attendance at graduations and special events. Some events require the civilian family members to also be vaccinated to attend.

Religious Accommodations. SM report chain of command unwilling to process Religious Accommodation paperwork to exempt from COVID vaccine with objectionable ingredients and threatening to separate SM as alleged “religious extremists.”

The hasty and potentially illegal approval of the Comirnaty vaccine now opens the door to mandates being imposed on civilian populations as the EUA vaccines were imposed on the military. The coercion seen in the military will spill over into the civilian sector by the treasonous actions of the FDA.



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