The Triad of Medical Fascism Emerged in September 2022

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the AMA (American Medical Association) were once very respected institutions. In her essay The Triad of Medical Fascism, author Pam Long discusses the politicization of what were once trusted organizations. Long connects the dots and the danger of censoring doctor’s voices, gender mutilation of our children and Joe Biden’s Executive Order regarding transhumanism.
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Kim Monson Featured Articles
The Triad of Medical Fascism Emerged in September 2022

Most people believe that mainstream medical professionals work like a charity, with an ethic that promotes healing and treating the sick. Not enough thought is given to the corruption of the network that imposes drug dependence and profit-based services. Some treatments and drugs completely violate the ethics of “do no harm” and “informed consent.” This profiteering triumvirate includes (I) the pharmaceutical lobbyists at your state capitol, (II) the alleged “experts” at the American Medical Association (AMA) partnered with the alleged “authority” of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), and (III) the federal government, and the new “bioeconomy.” This is the triad of medical fascism.

Many parents are newly awakened to fascism in education. They can clearly identify that the government has established “experts” in education who are promoting a hyperfocus on race and gender fluidity. This orthodoxy is promulgated at the expense of actual knowledge and skills. Teachers who oppose the government curriculum are reprimanded or forced out of public education. Fascism similarly has a stronghold in medicine, with a hyperfocus on vaccine compliance, at the expense of actual health metrics (e.g. healthy BMI) and mental health. Doctors who speak out against the government’s power grab as the sole authority in medicine will risk their license, professional accreditations, and insurance network.

California Law Punishes Doctors Who Disagree With Politicians

California doctors who challenge government-approved orthodoxy in medicine will now risk losing their licenses. According to The Defender,

“California Assembly Bill 2098 (AB 2098), signed into law Sept. 30 by Gov. Gavin Newsom, defines ‘misinformation’ as ‘false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care’ and ‘disinformation’ as ‘misinformation that the licensee deliberately disseminated with malicious intent or an intent to mislead.’ ”

This law specifically targets COVID-19 vaccine information, but it is broad enough to cover any government promoted medical practice. Doctors who have written vaccine exemptions prior to the controversial COVID19 vaccine already experienced medical board reviews as the American Medical Association (AMA) and Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) have enforced their orthodoxy for the past decade, while the US vaccine schedule grew to 72 doses per child. This law gives legal shield to launch state medical board witch-hunts against doctors who refuse to sell AMA endorsed drugs and treatments to people with contraindications, natural immunity, or conscientious objection. As reported in The Defender:

“The American Medical Association (AMA), which strongly supports the bill, hopes other states will follow suit [emphasis added] in ‘ensuring that licensing boards have the authority to take disciplinary action against health professionals for spreading health-related disinformation,’ according to a new policy adopted at its mid-June annual meeting aimed at addressing public health ‘disinformation.’

The AMA’s adopted policy expanded on prior efforts and called for the organization to work with ‘health professional societies and other relevant organizations [emphasis added] to implement a comprehensive strategy to address health-related disinformation disseminated by health professionals.’”

The AMA will now endorse this law in all 50 states, using professional health societies and organizations to lobby state legislatures as the “health experts.” If Colorado maintains a Democrat Super Majority, then this bill could be introduced in the next session. If Rep. Kyle Mullica of SD24 gets re-elected, he will likely sponsor the bill. (His Republican opponent is Courtney Potter). The California law is currently being challenged in a federal lawsuit. The doctors’ lawyer, Daniel Suhr, of Liberty Justice Center said, “Doctors enjoy the same free speech rights as other Americans. The State of California cannot define a so-called scientific consensus on an issue and then punish anyone who dares challenge it.” The dismal reality is that these lawsuits can take years while the AMA promotes these types of bills in every state legislature.

Another challenge is that the AMA has a powerful ally in the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) that will demand that all medical boards adopt their groupthink positions: American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Unknown to the public is that the FSMB has no regulatory authority, and medical boards often consist of politically appointed non-physicians deciding the careers of physicians. As reported in The Defender:

“Language in the bill points out that the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) has warned that physicians who spread misinformation or disinformation ‘risk losing their medical license,[emphasis added] and … have a duty to provide their patients with accurate, science-based information.’

The FSMB, as previously reported by The Defender, takes money from Big Pharma and has a history of challenging and attacking non-pharmaceutical medical approaches used by integrative doctors as falling outside the ‘standard of care’ as they define it.”

The FSMB has a history of corruption. The FSMB received $3 million from Purdue Pharmaceuticals to promote the over prescribing of opioid medications. This resulted in the opioid epidemic and taxpayers funding $94 million to provide treatment for opioid addiction in Colorado. Multiply the cost of the iatrogenic opioid epidemic across 50 states. Then contemplate the potential cost of the COVID19 vaccine mandate on public health if Florida Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo is correct in his assessment that the mRNA vaccines cause an 84% increase in cardiac death within 28 days of vaccination in people under 40 years old.

Regarding the passage of CA AB 2098, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. voiced his opposition along with prominent physicians with a historical warning about medical fascism:

“Under the new rubric, the doctor no longer serves the best interest of the patient but acts as an agent of state policy.

History is replete with nightmarish examples of what happens when doctors stop healing and act instead to advance ‘the greater good.’ Governments have variously cited that phrase to justify euthanasia of the elderly, mental defectives, homosexuals and other ‘useless eaters’ and to enforce ‘one-child’ policies.

When governments start practicing medicine, the story never ends well.”

The AMA Influences the US Justice Department

The AMA has long abandoned evidence-based medicine in favor of profit-driven surgeries and drugs. In April 2021, the AMA, in a letter, urged Governors to oppose restrictions to very profitable gender re-assignment surgeries and drugs. The AMA reported:

“The American Medical Association (AMA) today urged governors to oppose state legislation that would prohibit medically necessary gender transition-related care for minor patients, calling such efforts “a dangerous intrusion into the practice of medicine.” [emphasis added] In a letter to the National Governors Association (NGA), the AMA cited evidence that trans and non-binary gender identities are normal variations of human identity and expression, and that forgoing gender-affirming care can have tragic health consequences, both mental and physical.”

The Defender exposed the “gold rush” of pediatric sex change surgeries at Boston hospital in August 2022:

“The recent media hoopla focused on the Boston hospital’s website promotion of ‘gender-affirming hysterectomies’ — with or without removal of the ovaries, and with the additional option of surgically constructing a penis — for girls who, as some discreetly put it, are lacking ‘a gynecologic disease that would traditionally indicate hysterectomy.’

In fact, Boston Children’s Hospital’s website signals it has a ‘full suite of options for transgender teens and young adults.’

After the media maelstrom drew attention to Boston Children’s Hospital’s willingness to cut off the breasts of 15-year-old girls and carry out ‘feminizing’ vaginoplasty on 17-year-old boys (the first step being the removal of the scrotum and testes), the hospital hastened to declare that for hysterectomies, at least, girls have to be 18 or older.”

In response to public outrage and to twenty states introducing legislation in 2021 prohibiting doctors from gender reassignment surgeries of children, the Washington Examiner reported that in October 2022 the AMA “asked the Justice Department to investigate reports about the sex-change procedures being performed on children as dangerous ‘misinformation.’” The involvement of the Justice Department to protect the Medical Industrial Complex is another alarming step towards medical fascism.

President Biden’s Executive Order Promotes Transhumanism & Bioeconomy

The pandemic revealed how our regulatory agencies such as the FDA and CDC are captured by pharmaceutical companies, acting as salesmen for gene-altering mRNA injections. But in September 2022, the White House revealed that it is has all-encompassing societal goals of transhumanism. President Biden signed the “Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe and Secure American Bioeconomy.” According to the White House:

“We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers; unlock the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence; and advance the science of scale‑up production while reducing the obstacles for commercialization so that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster.”

As Dr. Joseph Mercola explains, “Basically, the goal of the transhumanist movement is to transcend biology through technology and to meld human biology with technology and artificial intelligence.” This Executive Order fast-tracks a pipeline for many more gene-altering mRNA injections. The FDA is already advertising with transhumanism terms for people to get an “update” or “recharged.” These terms promote the belief that humans need to be enhanced with technology, in conflict with intelligent design by the Creator. The Department of Defense has been researching human augmentation for years, with goals of improving physical and cognitive performance, using both internal and external technology. But what if these augmentations come with the loss of privacy and personal control, and data is transmitted electronically to the government or from the government to directly affect the behavior or thoughts of individuals? The ethical implications are unnerving, especially in the hands of a corrupt government.

The “bioeconomy” is even more overwhelming as it suggests data on the individual’s health and energy use. Restrictions will involve nearly every federal agency’s supervision. This is the framework for a biosurveillance government positioned to control each citizen who is connected to the interface. The Executive Order alludes to a global social credit system integrated into the biology of humans.

The pilot programs for this social credit system are already in place at schools and in the workplace. In summation of “SEL + ESG = Social Credit System,” schools are scoring students on compliance to equity and gender ideologies in SEL, and workplaces are scoring adults in compliance to climate ideology in ESG. According to Forbes, the score of “emotional intelligence” (acceptance of government ideology) is more valuable than a degree or experience. There are intimidating implications on how the individual’s score will impact applications for colleges, jobs, and loans.

In conclusion, the consumer can no longer blindly trust the medial industrial complex. Legislators must stop passively deferring to the “experts” or any centralized “medical authority.” Universities, employers, and financial institutions must choose if they will comply or reject the “bioeconomy.” The triad of medical fascism cannot prevail if the majority of people embrace that civil disobedience is required in these times for freedom to win.



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