When to Call it Quits

In his most recent Op-Ed, "When to Call it Quits", author Allen Thomas addresses the divisiveness in America today. He notes that many times arguments seem to fall on deaf ears or they seem to further entrench the other side in their beliefs. Allen explains that if we do not learn to walk away from these fruitless arguments they will win even if we are right. Why? Because these fruitless arguments win by taking our time and efforts away from those who could be persuaded.

Over the past year and a half, the opinions and debates over political issues have increased in fervor and intensity. Facebook and Instagram have started banning opinions out-right, and the major news media has been duplicitous in their covering of what should be straight forward news. The original concept of journalism seems to be nonexistent. People have turned to the “experts” and have shouted down those who disagree with their scientists or thought leaders. I am not the only one who has gotten into arguments over masks, vaccines, and public health orders over the phone, in a store or on social media. Sometimes I often wonder if these arguments change hearts and minds. Honestly, many times, the arguments I’ve had seem to fall on deaf ears or they seem to further entrench the other side in their beliefs.

I’m learning that not only are there times that you should call it quits, but also if you do not learn to walk away from these fruitless arguments they will win even if you are right; they win by taking your time and efforts away from those who could be persuaded by you. If your goal is to convince everyone of your opinions and beliefs, then you will fail because we cannot even convince everyone that the Holocaust was a terrible thing. We must have a focus, a mission if you will, and our arguments and discussions must have that mission in mind. If the mission is to change the hearts and minds of others, we must accept that some hearts and minds cannot be changed.

But how to decide when to move on is difficult and varies with each circumstance. Perhaps your friend is willing to discuss and is open to talking about how bureaucrats are detrimental to the economy but when it comes to mask mandates, they only see you as selfish. I am not saying you need to move on from them, but you should move on from discussing masks. When you are so enveloped in being right, that you forget your mission, it is time to move on. When you are defending your character from personal attacks and not having a reasonable debate anymore, it is time to move on. When both of you are repeating the same points in a hope that they will finally “get it,” it is time to move on. If the novels of text messages or Facebook comments seem to only rile them up further, it is indeed time to move on. I am not saying to abandon the fight or the cause, but like a battlefield commander, choose when to tactfully retreat, in order to find where you are needed most.

Capitalism and freedom are beyond a shadow of a doubt the most moral and best political options in the world, yet still some of the most educated in the world choose Marxism. Basic economics escapes the grasp of our current administration despite the examples and real-world proofs given. Some people are so thoroughly entrenched in their beliefs that no logic or reason will work on them. It is best to move on, save your sanity and frustration and find a mind that is willing to be challenged. I find it helpful to remember that in the end, freedom will win.



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  1. Dear Kim,
    Thank you and God Bless you, your assistants, Crawford Broadcasting and All of your guests and the very informative and incredible opinion articles/ Voters Guide that you share in this most effective and important publication(s) in this present time!!!
    We Coloradans are sooo blessed to have you and your thoughtful & powerful voice here in ‘The Colorado Arena’! I agree with you in that Coloradoans and More Americans are AWAKE and Very Aware of the Battle at hand! Amen! (Let It Be So!)

    I truly believe that as Christians; we are chosen; each of us blessed by God to be a vessel/ an instrument for His purpose. Some have been given more…others less. Yet All of us have been given something so precious that sets us apart from everyone else. Indeed, the greatest gift God has given to All of us is our UNIQUENESS. It is essential that All of us recognize our unique God given gifts/ talents we’ve been given and join you in “The Arena'”!
    Just as a symphony conductor brings out the Best in his musicians when they are All in Harmony…They are the Sum of All the Beautiful Music Parts to effect a specific purpose
    Together! It is Time for All of us to be “In The Arena” Together and utilize All Of Our Talents to Navigate Together Our Path to Victory!

    All The Best And Godspeed.

    Sandra Lull from Loveland, CO

    Psalm 28:7 – The Lord is my strength and my shield;

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