Will Biden’s Stagflation Lead to Republican Victories in November?

In his essay, Will Biden’s Stagflation Lead to Republican Victories in November? Jay Davidson explains that the Left’s bad policies are leading to Stagflation. Stagflation combines high inflation with stagnant economic growth. It will hit every pocketbook of every person in America. People vote their pocketbooks, and “it’s the economy.” Davidson notes that this November is the perfect storm for freedom-loving candidates to wrest control from the Left.

President Biden, and his far-Left controllers, go out of their way to damage our nation. For instance, Biden irresponsibly is taking us closer to war with China. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was classic incompetence. The nation was energy independent 18-months ago, and a net exporter of oil. Today, it costs a fortune to fill your car. Energy companies are prevented from producing affordable and reliable energy due to new rules and restrictions. In November 2020, the economy was growing, and individuals were thriving. 18-months later the economy is in shambles, inflation has reached a 40-year high, and Stagflation is rearing its hideous head.

The only difference between now and then is that Joe Biden and the Left have control.

Stagflation is the worst of all economic maladies. It is inflation in prices, which means less buying power. Stagflation combines high inflation with stagnant economic growth. It will hit every pocketbook of every person in America. People vote their pocketbook, and “it’s the economy.” This November is the perfect storm to wrest control from the Left.

Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and moderate Democrats have in common their love of individual freedom. Freedom-loving Republican candidates must bring these groups together to end the tyranny of the Left. Freedom-loving Republican candidates must think more deeply. Freedom-loving Republican candidates must build a better foundation for victory. Here is a roadmap.

Freedom-loving Republican candidates need three things to prevail in future elections:

  • Backbone
  • Knowledge of the situation and a plan for the solution
  • Differentiation

Backbone comes from a deeply held and highly defined Principle that governs our way of living. I submit that the foundational Principle is the sanctity of the individual as defined and codified in our Declaration of Independence. All laws, all actions should be directed to protecting the Natural Rights (Life, Liberty, and Ownership of Property) of the individual. That includes the realization that we do not elect politicians to make more laws, we elect them to follow the directives of the Constitution.

Knowledge of and a plan to solve the economic crisis. The first and most obvious problem is inflation. The cost of goods and services are increasing too rapidly. Biden’s Democrats can make all sorts of excuses, but the underlying reason for inflation is too many dollars chasing too few products. Inflation is a (Federal Reserve) Monetary Policy issue as economist Milton Friedman stated.

Left-leaning economists dominate the Federal Reserve. They started printing US Dollars in 2008. They call it Quantitative Easing (QE.)  Each US dollar printed devalues every other dollar in circulation. These are well-known economic cause and effect results. Yet the Fed, in a blatant effort to artificially prop-up the US Economy for Obama, ignored this reality. The additional money supply allowed a massive federal spending program. Federal spending is federal control. It is the opposite of individual control. Refer to Principle.

The solution for the economic crisis is simple. Realize that all economic activity (jobs, salary, profits, capital investments) is from and due to the Private Sector, which is every individual and every non-government business or organization working in a Capitalist economy to improve their lot in life. The private sector personifies the Individual. Government regulation, taxation, spending, and interference connotes control. Therefore, the solution resides solely in the Private Sector unencumbered from the Federal, State and Local Governments. Refer to Principle.

Finally, freedom-loving Republican candidates must Differentiate. The Leftists in the Democrat Party will try to obfuscate and confuse. They will try to appear to be economically conservative. However, their actions speak louder than their words. “We the People” must hold them accountable for their false principles and shed light on their egregious mistakes. Every action the Left has taken since Obama came to power, is more government and therefore, less individual freedom.

We freedom-loving citizens have a Golden Opportunity to re-balance our nation, to obliterate the Left’s control. We must think creatively; our old ways of running campaigns do not work. However, our guiding principles work for all times and all seasons. We need to encourage our freedom-loving candidates to strike to bedrock principles, articulate them, and live by them.



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  1. Jay,
    Thank you for a clear and concise article the current and alarming state of economic affairs. We had the Cho-Cho train on the tracks chugging towards its destination eighteen months ago as you pointed out… these “Dolt’s” in charge are either incompetent or doing this on purpose… It is incumbent on us to rid ourselves of their failed policies if we are to survive as our forefather’s intended!

  2. Jay,
    Thanks for a clear picture of the economic situation. As you stated we had the “Cho-Cho” train on the tracks and moving, eighteen months ago. I certainly know what to do… I just hope people are fed up with this bunch enough to vote them out! Thanks for speaking out!

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