Today hundreds of committed parents, children, and citizens showed up to the Capitol to protest SB19-1032, the radical sex education bill that seeks to attack parental rights and the innocence of children with its extreme agenda.

Last week Giuliana Day spoke on my show about her efforts to organize this rally and her tireless efforts and the passion of all those who showed up in solidarity brought in HUNDREDS of people. Today I saw young and old, black and white and brown, male and female, united in the belief that this bill is WRONG for Colorado, wrong for our schools, wrong for parents and wrong for our children.

We can’t stop now. If you were not at the rally, you can still make your voice heard. Click this link to find your legislator and tell him or her NO ON HB19-1032. 

If you were at the Capitol today or if you are against this bill, please show your support here or on Facebook and let’s work together to stop this madness. Share this page with friends and family. Speak up and let your voice be heard.