11 Trillion Reasons not to Vote for Biden

Jason McBride explains the 11 trillion reasons why you shouldn't vote for Biden. Get a copy of Jason's Trump tax cuts comparison at airpresidential.com
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
11 Trillion Reasons not to Vote for Biden
  • Guest Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth co-hosts today with Kim.
  • Tony Caputo, candidate for Colorado HD 32 (tonycforhd32.com) joins Kim to encourage voters to vote straight Republican in order to bring sanity back to the state and federal governments.  Tony is running to clean up the state House and bring back balance.  Tony’s opponent is one of the Cruel 17 who voted to let people die alone during the COVID-19/Wuhan Virus Reaction Disruption.
  • Three candidates for District Attorney state that rule of law and order for public safety is very important in this election.  Tim McCormack is running in Judicial District 17 (mccormackforda.com), Matt Durkin is in Judicial District 1(https://www.durkinforda.com/), and John Kellner (https://www.johnkellner.com/) is in Judicial District 18.  Increase in crime has crossed into the suburbs. Tim calls for ethical leadership. Matt describes the destruction of the “Courage Garden,” a place where families went during hearings and trials as a place of peace.  John explains his compassionate program, Veterans Treatment Court.

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