A Discussion on Tax Incremental Financing in Colorado

Patti Kurgan and Bill Hudson discuss tax increment financing and corporate welfare in Colorado. Patti and Kim look at how Building a Better Colorado uses the Delphi Technique while pretending to have no political agendas. Chris Cantwell of Transworld Business Advisors joins Kim for a conversation on entrepreneurship.

Kim has a conversation with Patti Kurgan and Bill Hudson about what she has uncovered in tax incentives and giveaways by the state of Colorado to big corporations.
Should government favor one business over another? Bill Hudson is a journalist with the Pegosa Daily Post. Listeners can go here to read Patti’s latest article on Tax Incremental Financing and Corporate Welfare.

Building a Better Colorado and the Delphi Technique

Patti Kurgan shares her experience with Building a Better Colorado. Is Building a Better Colorado an organization that straddles politicals divides and seeks to find consensus or is it a partisan organization with an agenda that is using the Delphi Technique to lead participants to a predetermined conclusion?

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