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Rick Rome and members of Liberty Toastmasters on how to unite a politically divided America.


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  • Rick Rome and members of Liberty Toastmasters on how to re-united a politically divided America.
  • Kim analyzes Colorado SB 20-038, “Statewide Biodiesel Blend Requirement for Diesel Sales.”

A House Divided Amongst Itself Cannot Survive

Liberty Toastmasters

toastmaster americhicks guest

Liberty Toastmasters

Guest Rick Rome begins the show by quoting Lincoln, “A house divided amongst itself cannot survive.” We see extremes on both sides and the reality is most people are in the middle.

Rick introduces various Toastmaster members to address how we can bring us back to a united America in the midst of severe division. Recommendations include honest communication between parties, win at the ballot box by energizing the apathetic, emphasize “less government gives us more freedom to resolve our differences,” do away with labeling people and become active in your community knowing power resides within and not to others. Rick concludes the conversation saying, “we have a dysfunctional marriage; we haven’t learned how to talk and listen to one another.”

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