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Former State Senator Kevin Lundberg and Kim have a discussion on SB-181 and Oil and Gas in Colorado. Rob Natelson talks about the impeachment standard.


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  • Former State Senator Kevin Lundberg on SB-181
  • Rob Natelson on impeachment standard
  • 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge
  • How does the Corporation for Public Broadcasting control so many millions of dollars?

A Look at the Impact of SB-181 on Oil and Gas in Colorado

Kevin Lundberg

rab natelson americhicks

Rob Natelson

kevin lundberg americhicks

Kevin Lundberg

Rob Natelson


Kim is joined by former Colorado state Senator Kevin Lundberg.

The impacts of the jobs and economy-killing laws that were passed by the state legislature in 2019.

The voters of Colorado had previously made clear that we like and enjoy the benefits of continuing oil and gas development in our state.
Last year Governor Jared Polis and the new legislature passed Senate Bill 19-181 which makes oil and gas development in Colorado very difficult.

This impacts our energy of course, as well as employment and the economy.

Impeachment Standard

Kim and constitutional expert Rob Natelson talk Electoral College and Impeachment.

Why Founding Father James Wilson supported the Electoral College over the national popular vote. Ex post facto impeachment standard violates the Constitution.

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