A Question of Power

Robert Bryce, Texas-based author, journalist, film producer, host of the Power Hungry podcast and author of his new book "A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations," discusses energy inequality.
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The Kim Monson Show
A Question of Power

Check out kimmonson.com for new op-eds by Rick Turnquist, Exactly Wrong – Democrats and Crime, and by Patti Kurgan, Kings of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  The Left continues their push towards socialism as they view everyday people with disdain.  Socialism comes down to force and if successful, will collapse the economy.  Each of us must work for the American Idea and individual liberty by choosing one government entity and watching, engaging, and reporting to others the policies advocated and implementing by these PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties).  Turns out Colorado is not the gold standard for election integrity as the Heritage Foundation report on election integrity ranks Colorado 34th in the nation.  The state of Michigan is in a court case to defend keeping dead people on Michigan’s voter rolls.  The CDC and FDA massage the narrative as adverse reactions to the COVID vaccinations increase, including death.  VAERS is a voluntary database to report reactions to vaccines.  VAERS is a useful tool.  A myocarditis death in New Zealand is reported after the man received the Pfizer vaccination.  Ping Pong Polis redefines “vaccinated” as having three shots; this after stating the pandemic is over a few weeks ago.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is texting parents of children over the age of 5 who have not been vaccinated.  Show sponsor Kimberlee Bell, owner of Kunjani Coffee, shares the latest happenings at Kunjani Coffee. Visit the website for daily specials.  Kimberlee’s favorite is Warm Hugs.

Guest Robert Bryce, Texas-based author, journalist, film producer, host of the Power Hungry podcast and author of his new book A Question of Power:  Electricity and the Wealth of Nations, discusses energy inequality with Kim.  The powerful, radical left environmentalists are working via policy to import energy poverty to our present day reliable, affordable, efficient and abundant energy in America.  The failed European energy policies have won favor by the radical left and must be stopped if America is to continue with our prosperity.  Electricity is a refined form of energy that must be used the instant it is produced and relies on a well-maintained electrical grid system.  Colorado is a key state regarding energy development, production and policy as it is the sixth largest gas producer in the United States.  If the extreme environmentalists are successful in destroying gas and oil production in Colorado, they will export it to other states.  Colorado HB10-1365 triggered shutting down coal production in Colorado and PBIs are using it as a template to destroy the gas and oil sector.  Colorado is the first in the nation to adopt a set of regulations to cut methane emissions.  Eighty percent of our primary energy comes from hydrocarbons and forecasts indicate that demand will continue to increase; this is the highest demand ever on record.  Capital is misappropriated as $66 billion was spent on ineffective wind and solar energy while capital investment in the gas and oil industry is drying up.  A new secular religion, growing in popularity, has emerged where we are to repent to the earth and attack our industrial sector.  In conclusion, Robert recommends his documentary, Juice: How Electricity Explains the World, available on numerous streaming platforms including iTunesAmazon PrimeGooglePlayVimeoYouTubeXbox, and Vudu.  Thank you to Laramie Energy and Caerus Oil and Gas for sponsoring our Health and Hydrocarbons show.

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