Act for America

Guest Brigitte Gabriel passionately pleads with Americans to act for America and to get involved before it is too late.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Act for America

Kim and Producer Steve converse on the juxtaposition of the Bill of the Day, HB21-1263 Meeting and Events Incentive Program and Allen Thomas’ recent op-ed published on The Kim Monson Show website, No Freedom in Exemptions (   Why should government tax hard-working people to pay for others vacations and meetings?  What does the government have about honest competition?  Control!  Maxine Waters is in Minnesota inciting violence.  Where is the due process?

Dr. Dana Cheng, co-founder of The Epoch Times, relays the facts surrounding The Epoch Times printing presses being destroyed last week.  The Communist China Party is afraid of the truth and will rule in two ways:  by guns and pen.  The Chinese media is completely controlled by the CCP and will not allow any independent voice.  The CCP negates the agreement that Hong Kong was to remain independent for 50 years.  America is having a “virtual” sledge hammer to its media as we see censorship escalating.  Control media and you control voices.  This is accomplished by lies, creating division within society and suppressing other voices.  Dr. Cheng also talks about international concerns regarding China’s role with Taiwan and its impact across the globe.

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Guest Brigitte Gabriel passionately pleads with Americans to get involved before it is too late.  Brigitte shares her childhood story of growing up in bomb shelters in Lebanon.  Prior to the radical extreme Islamist’s take-over of her country, it was a Republic, just like America.  “My past is America’s future.”  America is entering into a totalitarian regime with a Vaccination Passport.  Taking private information, including health information and using it for a government ID sounds a lot like Communist China.  We are seeing the slow “boil of the frog” example in America in regards to public policy.  We can maintain our freedom if we stand up against the radical left.  Act for America ( helps patriots organize and educate.  The elite Deep State is running the country and it doesn’t care about borders or your freedom.  Join this organization to make a difference.  Election integrity is a top priority.  Brigitte is optimistic.  Optimism brings hope!

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