Act II

Brad Beck, frequent guest and co-founder of Liberty Toastmasters, joins Kim in studio.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Act II

Brad Beck, frequent guest and co-founder of Liberty Toastmasters, joins Kim in studio. If you have not seen the series on John Adams, you must, and share it with your family and friends. We need to be engaged with our family and teach our children America’s ground-breaking history of Independence and freedom. If we abdicate to the state, we will only have more of the state. Xcel Energy asks for a 13% rate increase beginning in the fall of 2022 for their ambitious renewable energy portfolio. Why are we terminating coal and natural gas exploration and production which provides reliable, efficient, abundant and affordable energy? California asks people to not charge their electric cars and not use their air conditioner, washing machines, etc., due to lack of energy supply to meet demand. Is Colorado next? Contact your county clerks and demand that Dominion election machines are not updated until verification is completed regarding the hardware used for the 2020 election. If Colorado is the “gold standard,” show our machines to the nation as a leading example of what went right.

Karl Honegger with the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado (, and State Representative Shane Sandridge, District 14, discuss with Kim the past legislative session. Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado awarded Rep. Sandridge the highest rating of 96.2 for the session; their scorecard is based on founding principles like limited government. Colorado Rep. Sandridge witnessed many bills that expanded government, contained tremendous amounts of pork and misuse of taxpayers’ money. Let the free market solve community issues, not the government. Word of caution: your wish for more government involvement regulating someone else may result in government coming after you in the future.

Brad Beck’s op-ed to be published next Sunday, Act II, reflects on his own experience of being told, that the company has been sold and there is no role for you. Yes, it was a shock to the system, but it was also a time of outpouring of support from people whom Brad had built relationships with over the last 39 years in his industry. Brad is happy to report that he has secured a new job. Brad remained optimistic throughout this trying time. He listens. He lives with intention, not to just exist. Brad’s inspirational message brings guiding points for people in a similar situation. Your attitude guides you—be positive! The mind is the source of all wealth. Do things that will help you be better every day. Read The Little Engine That Could because you can. We are the beacon light of the world because we have equal individual rights, and that is final, as Calvin Coolidge said. Human ingenuity, the mind, belongs to us, use it. And have fun along the way!

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