The Essential Founding Fathers: The Pre-Revolutionaries

Ben Martin presents the March episode of The Essential Founding Fathers. This month's episode focuses on the Pre-Revolutionaries. Holly Kasun of The US Election Integrity Plan presents the findings of the USEIP's Colorado Canvassing Report. Bill of the Day is SB22-006, Sales Tax Assistance for Small Businesses

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Essential Founding Fathers: The Pre-Revolutionaries

Historian Ben Martin continues this year’s patriotic history series, The Essential Founding Fathers. The series is sponsored by The Harris Family. Thank you to Ben Martin and the Harris Family.

In this episode of The Essential Founding Fathers, Ben Martin examines notable events and the lives of the Pre-Revolutionaries. The time span includes the French and Indian War. Notable figures are George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, George Whitefield, and Daniel Morgan. The decision and actions of these men in their early years led to their actions later in life as they each contributed to the founding of the United States of America.

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The US Election Integrity Plan’s Colorado Canvassing Report

Holly Kasun of the US Election Integrity Plan joins Kim in the second hour to discuss the result of USEIP’s Colorado Canvassing Report. The report released March 11th, revealed findings of the canvassers. The key finding is that one in ten Colorado voters was affected by election anomalies, thereby diluting the value of a legal vote. Canvassing was done in four counties to prevent selection bias.

Go here to see a presentation of the report featuring Col. Shawn Smith (ret.) USAF, Holly Kasun, and Jeff Young, chief author of the report. A copy of the report is available for download. If you wish to support the USEIP, go here.

Bill of the Day SB22-006, Sales Tax Assistance for Small Businesses

Bill summary:

The bill permits a retailer with total taxable sales in the amount of $100,000 or less to retain 5.3% of the sales tax reported as compensation for the retailer’s expenses incurred in collecting and remitting the tax (vendor fee) for sales made in 2023, rather than retaining a 4% vendor fee, which is what current law allows. The bill also clarifies that the calculation of the amount that is credited to the housing development grant fund is only based on the changes to the vendor fee from House Bill 19-1245, and not on any subsequent modifications, including those changes made in this bill.

Day SB22-006, Sales Tax Assistance for Small Businesses is sponsored by Democrats. Sponsors are state Senators Chris Kolker and Robert Rodriguez and Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Marc Snyder. Kim’s opinion is this is a nothing-burger.

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The Kim Monson Quote of the Day for March 22, 2022

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