American Founders

Ben Martin, patriotic historian, West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, joins Kim to introduce the American Founders series, the Fourth Annual series on the Greatness of America.
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American Founders

Thank you to the Harris Family for their sponsorship of this show featuring Ben Martin’s new series for the year, American Founders. This month is the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973. Researcher Patti Kurgan has written on op-ed, Colorado was the First Abortion State, Even Before Roe vs. Wade, reporting that Colorado had the first pro-abortion law with bipartisan support in 1967. Patti shares insight into how lives have been changed by abortion and ends with pro-life legislation introduced this legislative session. We must be cautious when talking about a “Red Wave.” We do not need people with just an “R” behind their names, we need elected representatives that will conserve the principles of the American Idea. Tucker Carlson reports that there are two million people, mostly males, coming across the southern border being bused to a depot in Texas for processing and then transported to Houston, Atlanta and Miami, all “red areas.” Is this intentional to change the political landscape of three states? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has secured funding to send these illegal immigrants to Delaware. The Bill of the Day is HB22-1130 Exception To Employer Sick Leave Requirement; per the summary: “Concerning an exception to the requirement that employers provide sick leave to their employees, which exception applies only to employers that have less than a certain number of employees.” Very disturbing news pertaining to Littleton High School. Two undercover students took video of a Tri-County mobile health clinic giving the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus jab to underage students without parent consent. Per the Gateway Pundit, this was done even though the superintendent of the school district, Brian Ewert, the day before the clinic opened wrote to parents: “students under the age of 18 cannot get a vaccination without parental permission and they must have a parent or legal guardian present with them to sign consent.”

Ben Martin, patriotic historian, West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, joins Kim to introduce the American Founders series, the Fourth Annual series on the Greatness of America. Ben brings alive the men and women who truly had courage, bravery and prudence as our patriot founders that left us a legacy to love our country. As Ben states, we must know our history and the founding principles of our country in order to fully appreciate America. He will be using a method that includes “context,” meaning that he will break down our American history into phases and events. Included will be the Pre-Revolutionary War period, the French-American War, the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, the end of the Revolutionary War, a discussion on the Federalist Papers, and the making of the first American government. Upon completion we will have a greater understanding of “our great nation and government.”

Karen Levine, show sponsor and frequent guest with RE/MAX Alliance, 303-877-7516, announces that The National Association of Realtors has given the Colorado Association of Realtors Foundation $2 million for victims of the Boulder County fire to cover rent or mortgage payments as the renter/home owner waits for their insurance policy to provide the funds. Fire victims can visit the Foundation’s website or call Karen directly.

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  1. OK.Ben teed it up. Can’t wait to get the answers.great show. Every child should be taught the history of our founders.

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