America’s Vulnerability to Gird Failure

Michael Mabee, Veteran, founder of Grid Security Now. joins Kim to discuss the lack of security on our grid system. 
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
America's Vulnerability to Gird Failure

We’ve got a country to save!  Act now as this is our time.  The debt accumulation due to current policies passes the consequences and burden to pay the debt to future generations, without them ever having a voice regarding this monstrous national debt.  Opportunity has created the middle class and because of public policy, we see it evaporating in front of our eyes.  Casper Stockham, founder of America First Republicans, is starting a new training class for both candidates and those who want to support candidates.  The first class of the nine-week program will be this Saturday, September 25th, from 10am-noon.  It will also be available online.  To learn more about this informative class visit

Kevin Lundberg, Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado, author of the Lundberg Report, and previous state senator, discusses the constitutional challenge of Proposition 108 which was passed by the voters in 2016.  Proposition 108 allows unaffiliated voters to vote in either the Democrat or Republican primary.  The Republican State Central Committee voted unanimously to bring forth a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Prop 108.  A similar law in California was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000.

Michael Mabee, Veteran, founder of Grid Security Now, and author of the book The Civil Defense Book:  Emergency Preparedness for a Rural or Suburban Community (, joins Kim to discuss the lack of security on our grid system.  We are vulnerable to grid failure and it has been known for decades; this is not a partisan issue.  The grid is “self-regulated” as there are not federal regulations in place to shore up security.  Adding to the grid’s complexity, there are approximately 3,000 companies that are involved in the transmission and distribution of energy.  One segment that stands out as a major influencer regarding policy on the grid is the electric utility industry lobbying groups that continually fight against regulation.  Lobbyists have spent over $1.2 billion at the federal government level to influence policy and another $150 million to Congressmen in contributions.  You must be involved.  Call your legislators.  We are importing transformers from China.  We know China has installed “backdoor” software.  How many more Texas catastrophes will it take before we do something about our grid?

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