An Eye Witness to the Protest at the Capitol

Dr. Dana Cheng, co-founder of The Epoch Times, gives an eye witness description as to what took place at the Capitol.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
An Eye Witness to the Protest at the Capitol

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  • Kim reacts to yesterday’s events with a heavy heart.  Evidence both for the 2020 election and for the Capitol invasion must be brought forth.  Why were so many people dressed in black surrounding the Capitol, the color associated with ANTIFA?  Why did elected representatives change their mind to contest Electoral College votes?  Did they no longer have courage to discover the truth?
  • Hal van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, joins Kim to discuss small business, the entity that is the fabric of America’s economy.  Government intervention on the market place has been negative and the primary reason for Colorado falling to the 9th worst economy in the nation.  Gas and oil and the retail industries are top-tier examples.
  • Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim to discuss the events at the Capitol.  There is plenty of video to expose the truth.  Why was the Capitol so easily accessible?  We are in the Battle of Ideas.  Solutions will come from the grassroots, bottom-up, to fix our country as the hard working, everyday person becomes engaged.
  • Jason McBride, VP with Presidential Wealth Management, calls out elected representatives as cowards as they show little resistance to the left demands.  We will go back to the status quo.  It is more important now to have a financial plan in place as administrations change.  This is especially true as one transitions from a growth strategy to a steady, dependable income in retirement.  Call Jason at 303-694-1600.
  • Guest Dr. Dana Cheng, co-founder of The Epoch Times, gives an eye witness description as to what took place at the Capitol.  This was a classic communist strategy as a few led the protest to violence at the Capitol.  Photos are being reviewed to verify if the instigators were part of ANTIFA.  The Chinese Communist Party is the biggest threat to the American Idea.  Do not be fooled, the CCP has infiltrated every aspect of America’s society.  Each individual gets to choose life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or socialism, which is one step behind communism.  Kim concludes that we are in a fight for our property rights.  Pray!

Photo By Tyler Merbler , CC BY 2.0, Link

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