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Kim and Producer Steve are joined by Susan Kochevar and Jen Hulan, show sponsors and insightful business owners, along with Patti Kurgan to discuss vote buying, bring your own wine to restaurants, minimum wage, 16 year olds voting, and other absolute-control policies espoused at the Capitol Golden Dome.


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  • Winery proprietor Jen Hulan discusses Colorado’s SB 20-154, Bring Own Wine Into Restaurants
  • Susan Kochevar on unrealistic minimum wage proposals
  • A discussion on a campaign of vote-buying targetting the young and inexperienced with socialist policies

Are Legislators Trying to Buy The Votes of the Young and Naive?

Jen Hulen, owner of Waters Edge Winery, begins a robust conversation regarding SB20-154, Bring Own Wine Into Restaurants, asking how a restaurant owner can stay in business with this legislation. Profit margins are extremely slim and this would lead to more restaurant closures. Additionally, the liability of an establishment is not considered; if you hold a liquor license the owner is liable for the liquor consumed on their property. Oh, by the way, the business is Jen’s personal property and the government has no right to place additional burdens on it leading to more costly expenditures through forced taxation, rules and regulations.

Susan, the owner of The 88 Drive-In Theater, continues with burdensome mandates discussing the minimum wage. Tom Steyer says he will legislate it to be $22/hour while other Democrat candidates are proposing $17/hour. Why not just make it $100/hour? The disconnect between legislators and the business community becomes more visible each day.

Are these examples of vote-buying? Look at the bill to let 16-year-olds vote who have no financial or life experience. Looks like the Democrats are trying to bring lifers to their party and dilute the votes of tax-paying, everyday hard-working adults. With all the “freebies” being offered to kids, they will be able to vote themselves (and the rest of us unwilling individuals) into socialism, only to find out later in life they were led astray and there is no way out.

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