How to Be Prepared if the Power Grid Goes Down

Congressional District 4 candiate Bob Lewis joins Kim in the studio. Ryan Broughton, emergency management and homeland security expert, shares how to be prepared for emergencies, including an extended loss of power through an attack on the power grid. Bill of the Day SB22-230 is Collective Bargaining For Counties

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
How to Be Prepared if the Power Grid Goes Down

Do you have a plan when an emergency occurs? What will you do if your power goes off for an evening? What will you do if the power goes down for months or more? Having a plan and being prepared for the worst-case scenario could be the difference between catastrophe. In today’s show, Bob Lewis, candidate for Colorado’s Congressional District 4, joins Kim in the studio. Lewis and Kim talk with emergency management and homeland security expert Ryan Broughton on to prepare for emergencies, including an attack on America’s power grid.

For those wishing to learn more about Lewis’s campaign, go here. Go here to donate to his campaign.

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Bill of the Day SB22-230, Collective Bargaining For Counties

Bill summary:

Beginning January 1, 2023, the bill grants the public employees of a county the right to:

  • Organize, form, join, or assist an employee organization or refrain from doing so;
  • Engage in collective bargaining;
  • Engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection;
  • Communicate with other county employees and with employee organization representatives and receive and distribute literature regarding employee organization issues; and
  • Have an exclusive representative at formal discussions concerning a grievance, a personnel policy or practice, or any other condition of employment.

The bill clarifies that county employees may participate fully in the political process.

Additionally, the bill:

  • Grants the exclusive representative of county employees the right to access public employees at work, through electronic communication, and through other means, including employee orientations;
  • Requires counties to honor county employee authorizations for payroll deductions for the exclusive representative;
  • Clarifies that specific rights of county employers are not impaired unless otherwise agreed to in a collective bargaining agreement;
  • Requires the director of the division of labor standards and statistics in the department of labor and employment (director) to enforce, interpret, apply, and administer the provisions of the bill, and, in doing so, to hold hearings and impose administrative remedies;
  • Authorizes the director or any party of interest to request a district court to enforce orders made pursuant to the bill;
  • Sets forth the process by which an employee organization is certified and decertified as the exclusive representative of county employees;
  • Sets forth the process by which an appropriate bargaining unit is determined; and
  • Requires the county and the exclusive representative to collectively bargain in good faith.

The bill states that the collective bargaining agreement is an agreement negotiated between an exclusive representative and a county that must:

  • Be for a term of at least 12 months and not more than 60 months; and
  • Provide a grievance procedure that culminates in final and binding arbitration.

The bill prohibits a collective bargaining agreement from:

  • Delaying the prompt interviewing of county employees under investigation;
  • Permitting a public employee to use paid time for a suspension from employment;
  • Permitting the expungement of disciplinary records under certain circumstances; and
  • Imposing limits on the period of time for which a county employee may be disciplined for incidents of violence.

The bill describes the dispute resolution process that the exclusive representative and a county must follow if an impasse arises during the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement.

The bill sets forth the actions taken during the collective bargaining process by a county or an exclusive representative that are unfair labor practices.


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