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Guest Ben Martin, patriotic historian and West Point graduate, recounts the early battles of the American Revolutionary War.

Ben Martin and the Early Battles of the Revolutionary War


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Today is Kim’s Ancestry Show. “We the People” must learn and love our history in order for our Constitutional Republic to remain strong. The Battles of Ideas that our founding fathers faced continue today. We need to be involved, especially in the education of our children. Rep. Neville introduces bill HB21-1017 for the protection of all life.

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Guest Ben Martin, patriotic historian and West Point graduate, recounts the early battles of the American Revolutionary War: Lexington, Concord and concludes with the Battle at Bunker Hill. Refresh your memory of our country’s history and understand its importance and relevance to the current political environment. The order to seize weapons and gun powder in Concord by British General Thomas Gage led to our Second Amendment. Sons of Liberty are today’s grassroots activists. Churches took a stand against the King’s tyranny and rang their bells to warn colonists about incoming British troops. We should be ringing Church bells today against the tyranny of health departments and the government restrictions relative to the Wuhan-China virus. As the colonists showed in the early battles of the Revolutionary War that they will fight for their independence, we must also fight and resist government lockdowns to conserve the American Idea of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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