Biden and China

Josh Philipp, China expert with The Epoch Times and host of Crossroads, joins Kim and Susan to discuss the Hunter Biden emails.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Biden and China
  • Susan Kochevar, owner of the Historic 88 Drive-In Theatre, co-hosts with Kim.  Gov. Polis Recall Petitions are at Susan’s business.  Drive-In will operate as long as possible into the end of the year.  Trump is a machine.  Multiple rallies this last week-end into tomorrow.  Socialism comes down to force.
  • Kim invited three candidates whose opponents all rejected the bill, “No one shall die alone” and became part of the group “Cruel 17.”  Larry Braig, candidate for HD9 (, relays that people are attentive to what is going on.  If the Democrats retain control of the legislature, “we haven’t seen anything yet!”  Candidate for HD28 Pete Roybal ( states that people are very angry.  Law and order are the priorities.  Donna Walter, candidate for HD52 (, discusses jobs, safety and the improper reporting of COVID-19.
  • Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth Management reviews with Kim and Susan Stephen Moore’s column addressing Biden’s seven sins:  $4 trillion raise in taxes, end of the right to work, end of U.S. energy dependence, higher death tax rate, re-entry into the Paris Climate Treaty, $400 billion bailout for the blue states and a $15 minimum wage.  Jason’s analysis of how the Trump tax cuts helped everyday people is at
  • Guest Josh Philipp, China expert with The Epoch Times and host of Crossroads, joins Kim and Susan to discuss the Hunter Biden emails.  There are many leaks and there is much collaboration as previous business partners of Hunter come forward with additional emails and information.   “Mob family.”  Pay to play, mimicking the Clinton Cash scandal.  During the Obama administration the optic was to show strength against China and in reality, the exact opposite took place.  Trump is for the people of America and Biden is about socialism and communism.

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