Biden’s Goal of Shifting Energy Production Out of America

Dave Keyte, CEO of Caerus Oil and Gas, discusses the Biden policy to shift oil and gas production away from the U.S.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Biden's Goal of Shifting Energy Production Out of America

Taxation and inflation combined is the formula to kill the middle class per Vladimir Lenin, and our government is doing just that.  Lone Tree proposes a retail sales tax hike of 55% for their city; vote NO.  LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, is a strong NO.  Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will be appointed by the governor to have complete control of this new program with additional taxing authority for “eligible” children, not all Colorado children.  Greg Fisher, candidate for Widefield District 3 School Board, wants to bring back transparency and parent involvement.  Critical Race Theory, CRT, and the sexualization of our children have no place in our schools.  Instead, schools need to teach the core academics.  It is unconscionable that with all the money spent on education students are not even 50% proficient in reading and math.  David Dock and Brenda Miller are other good candidates to consider for 3 openings out of the five seats.

Do not miss Leslie Manookian, founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund, presentation’s in Loveland this coming Thursday, September 30th, and Denver on Saturday, October 2nd.

Guest Dave Keyte, CEO of Caerus Oil and Gas, discusses the Biden policy to shift oil and gas production away from the U.S.  Even OPEC openly admits that they are the winners of this policy coupled with the global energy transition; OPEC will regain its dominance as America will become dependent on OPEC once again.  Politics in DC give no metrics to measure “success” in renewable energy as they get rid of fossil fuels.  We are transferring the issue of air quality from air to surface due to the high usage of rare earth minerals that must be mined.  The climate czars do not want to talk about this impact on the earth, let alone the labor used to mine the minerals (i.e., OSHA regulations are not used in China or Afghanistan).  We need to step back and understand the energy mix available, analyze what sources are available locally, and be a part of the solution

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