Biden’s State of the Union Address Embarrassed America in Front of the World

Joe Biden's State of the Union Address was testimony to a weak president with a dangerous agenda. Brigitte Gabriel and Kim Monson analyze the 2020 State of the Union Address. Bill of the day is HB22-1162, Motor Vehicle Digital Number Plates. The bill seems designed to enrich the Department of Revenue with little or no benefit to taxpayers.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Biden's State of the Union Address Embarrassed America in Front of the World

“Weakness on the World Stage Has a Cost”

President Biden’s State of the Union Address was a failure. Biden labeled America as a follower when he declared, “The United States is a member [of Nato] along with 29 other nations.” America was the de facto leader of the NATO alliance…until Biden. Europe watches in fear as Putin plunges a forty-mile armored column into the heart of Ukraine, and Biden’s response is to rhetorically shake a trembling finger and warn that “[Putin] has no idea what’s coming.”

Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping loom over the world, casting a grim shadow across liberty and democracy for billions. Biden’s weak foreign policy and lack of decisive action show an absence of care and disregard for America’s role as a champion of freedom. Biden claimed that America is “stronger than it was a year ago.” Do competent leaders measure national strength by sky-rocketing inflation, energy instability, and timidity in the face of tyranny? Biden’s presidency is gutless, and so was his State of the Union Address.

Brigitte Gabriel, a leading commentator on national security and the founder of ACT for America, joins Kim to analyze the State of the Union address. Gabriel and Kim have insightful and critical comments regarding Biden’s speech and his actions over the past year. Listen to the complete discussion in segments three and four.

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Bill of the Day HB22-1162, Motor Vehicle Digital Number Plates

Bill Summary:

The bill authorizes digital license plates to be used in lieu of metal license plates if the registration number and expiration date are visible from 100 feet away in sunlight. The plates need not display more than one color. The department of revenue (department) may permit messaging and other digital functionality on digital plates.The department will consult with the state patrol to adopt rules governing the use, requirements, approval process, proposals, relocation, and reporting of the plates. The department will review the implementation of the plates one year after promulgating the rules and submit a report to the transportation legislation review committee.

HB22-1162, Motor Vehicle Digital Number Plates is sponsored by State Senators Rachel Zenzinger, Dennis Hisey, and State Representative Tony Exum. All three are Democrats. The sole Republican sponsor is State Representative Kevin Van Winkle. The intent of the bill seems to be to generate funds for the department of revenue. How does that benefits drivers, citizens, or infrastructure?

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