Biden’s Weak Approach to China

Guest Josh Phillip, The Epoch Times award winning reporter and host of Crossroads, converses with Kim on many pressing issues.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Biden's Weak Approach to China

Kim and producer Steve remark that the MLB All Star Game will now be played at Coors Field. Ironic that valid ID needs to be shown in Colorado to vote.  SB21-200 Reduce Greenhouse Gases Increase Environmental Justice is another radical left bill. This bill gives additional power to an unelected bureaucratic agency, Air Quality Control Commission. The bill is pumped with regulations and fees, and overtones of the World Economic Forum with its redistribution of wealth. Maybe we should have the game at Coors Field completely powered by renewable energy. Polis says he does not support this bill but who can forget Proposition 112 and his actions after becoming governor.

Jen Hulan, owner of Waters Edge Winery ( in Centennial, joins Kim to talk about her new gluten free and vegan entrees. Jen shows off her innovation as she creates new menu items for those asking for special dietary options.  Support Jen and her small business vendor providing gluten free bakery items while exhibiting your freedom of mobility and choice.  Fabulous wine is always available for your tasting.

Moving onto recent articles Kim and Producer Steve discuss the left’s hypocrisy, using their leader as an example. Biden used tax shelters, all legal, to sidestep hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, including taxes that would have funded Medicare and The Affordable Care Act.  Now he wants to close tax loopholes and give additional funding to Medicare and the ACA.  Military experts warn that China is accelerating its timeline to invade Taiwan as twenty Chinese military aircraft are reported entering Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

Jason McBride, Vice President with Presidential Wealth Management, notes for the right portfolio ROTH accounts are a good investment tool. As one of the many unknowns, we do not know if the current administration will work to tax the ROTH accounts in the future. We do know that the government does not look to the future and only the present, and they like getting the taxes now as people put money into ROTH accounts. We also do not know when the proposed tax hikes will become effective.  Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 to discuss what financial options are available in these times of uncertainty.

Guest Josh Phillip, The Epoch Times award winning reporter and host of Crossroads, converses with Kim on many pressing issues.  The takeover of Hong Kong by China was a warning shot to Taiwan.  Biden shows weakness in dealing with China even as the U.S. needs a strong alliance to defend Taiwan.  China steals our technology because they are not able to think beyond what they have; therefore, they are incapable of being innovative.  The significant issue throughout the world is the grassroots movement.  Trump creates a new website,, and keeps the growth of grassroots activists continuing. The Federal Reserve is looking at a new digital currency, creating future currency wars, and resulting in the dollar taking a severe hit.

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