Candidate Interview: Greg Moore for U.S. Senate

Republican Greg Moore explains why he is running for the U.S. Senate, Norma and Jennie reveal how vaccination mandates are hurting service members, a continued look at the Douglas County School Board firing of Corey Wise and the reactions from the press and public, and how capitalism will determine Joe Rogan's future with Spotify.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Candidate Interview: Greg Moore for U.S. Senate

Greg Moore, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Greg Moore is one of the eight candidates in the U.S. Senate race seeking to unseat the Democrat incumbent, Michael Bennet.

Moore has an academic background, with three decades in higher education, and is an expert in international relations, national security, U.S. foreign policy, and Chinese foreign policy. He is a Professor of Global Studies and Politics at Colorado Christian University.

Kim and Moore discuss why Moore is running for Senate, his positions on national security, foreign relations with China, limited government, and energy in the fourth segment of today’s broadcast. Visit Moore’s website to learn more about his campaign and background. Go here to support his campaign.

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Retaliation against service members for declining COVID-19 vaccinations

Norma and Jennie (last names withheld to protect their families) discuss their first-hand experiences with military personnel being adversely impacted for making the difficult choice of refusing the Covid 19 vaccine mandate.

The fate of service members who decide to refuse the vaccine mandate was made clear in December when the Department of Defense published Service Members Must Be Vaccinated or Face Consequences, DOD Official Says.

The consequences can be harsh and wide-ranging. Service members refusing the vaccine face the prospect of being held to account on the Uniform Code of Military Justice for failure to obey a lawful order.

Norma and Jennie share their personal stories in today’s broadcast. Those stories include what has happened to their immediate family and others in the military. Many service members are balking at the mandate due to safety concerns

Listen to the interview in segment three. Care packages are a welcome way to support troops who have refused the vaccine. Learn more by sending an email to:

Douglas County School Board controversy continued

Listeners of the February 7th, 2022 broadcast of The Kim Monson Show are up-to-date on the Douglas County School board saga. It’s a polarizing topic that has garnered significant local and national attention. It’s also become an issue that partisans are attempting to define as politicaldespite the stated intent of the Board

But the board majority, made up of conservative members, acted in a manner that they felt was consistent with their duties to the Board.

Joe Rogan and capitalism

The Joe Rogan controversy on Spotify started January 26th when Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum: cancel Joe Rogan, or Young would “Walk On.” Spotify chose Rogan, and the streaming behemoth immediately removed Young’s songs from the platform. It was clear that Spotify valued Rogan more. It was a decision motivated by economics. Rogan, who Spotify secured in a deal worth up to $100 million, held more value than Young. 

The controversy has not abated. Commentators and critics called out Rogan for having a history of using the “N-word” in his podcasts. Spotify has started to censor Rogan and remove past podcasts. Rogan has apologized and promised to do better (however, Donald Trump has commented that Rogan should stop apologizing).

Is Spotify going to continue to commit to the investment made in Rogan? Will these latest events impact the relationship between Rogan and Spotify? Will it matter if the free market gives Rogan a better option? Conservative media platform Rumble has made Joe an offer of $100 million — but without any censorship or removal of content. The story continues to develop. 

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