Candidate Interviews: Gino Campana (Senate) and Tim Reichert (Congress)

Candidate Interviews: with Gino Campana, who is running for U.S. Senate, and Tim Reichert, who is running for Congress. Bill of the Day is SB22-128, Implicit Bias In Jury Selection.

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Candidate Interview: Gino Campana on Why He is Running for the U.S. Senate

Gino Campana could be described as the embodiment of the American dream. Campana is a first-generation American. His father came to America in 1950 at the age of 14. He came with empty pockets and the ambition to succeed. As a young man, Campana worked alongside his father, a stonemason. He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in civil engineering. He started his business rehabbing homes and selling them for a small profit. Now he oversees a large housing development company as well as Jessup Farm Artisan Village (along with a restaurant and brewery, located in the Village).

Campana started out in public service by serving on local boards. In 2013 Campana ran for City Council in Fort Collins. He won and used his business experience to reduce the city’s debt by almost 40%. He has served as chairman of the Larimer County Republican Party. He was also appointed by former President Donald Trump to serve in his administration.

Campana is running a conservative platform: limited government, the sanctity of the Constitution, protection of the Second Amendment, and fiscally responsible policies. Learn more in his interview with Kim in segments three and four. You can learn more about Campana’s campaign here. Go here to support him.

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Candidate Interview: Tim Reichert on Why He is Running for the Congress

Tim Reichert is an economist and businessman with deep Colorado roots. He is the founder and CEO of Economics Partners, with offices across the United States and Israel. As an economist, Reichert focuses on how to restore the middle class. His work in this field is at the center of why he running for Congress. He is a problem-solver, not a politician. If elected his goal is to champion his American Middle Class Restoration Act. That’s on day one.

In addition to restoring and strengthening America’s middle class, Reichert is also focused on government reforms in taxes, patents, fair trade laws, and personal data ownership. Segment two contains the full interview with Kim. You can learn more about Reichert’s campaign here. Go here to support his campaign.

Bill of the Day SB22-128, Implicit Bias In Jury Selection

Bill Summary:

The bill allows courts and opposing counsel to raise objections to the use of peremptory challenges with the potential to be based on racial or ethnic bias in criminal cases.

The bill provides a list of presumptively invalid reasons for peremptory challenges. Presumptively invalid reasons include:

  • Having prior contact with law enforcement officers;
  • Expressing distrust of law enforcement officers or a belief that law enforcement officers engage in racial profiling;
  • Having a close relationship with an individual who has been stopped, arrested, or convicted of a crime;
  • Residing in certain neighborhoods;
  • Having a child outside of marriage;
  • Receiving state benefits; or
  • Speaking English as a second language.

The bill requires appellate courts to hear peremptory challenge cases de novo and review a trial court’s factual findings for substantial evidence.

SB22-128, Implicit Bias In Jury Selection is sponsored by State Senator Julie Gonzales, State Senator Pete Lee, State Representative Jennifer Bacon, and State Representative Steven Woodrow. All four are Democrats.

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