Candidate Interviews: Jewels Gray and John Anderson

Kim interviews Jewels Gray (Colorado Congressional District 8) and John Anderson (Douglas County Sherriff).
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Candidate Interviews: Jewels Gray and John Anderson

Yesterday’s Bill of the Day, the “spoon” bill, aka HB22-1134 Measures To Reduce Use Single-use Meal Accessories, receives a lot of reaction.  It is embarrassing that Colorado representatives and senators are regulating plastic spoons instead of addressing the real issues of crime, inflation, and our kids are falling behind, etc.  Hershey candy fires all unvaccinated employees.  Listener tells Kim her company is firing all unvaccinated employees.  The listener had a severe case of the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus, has significant natural antibodies and her company will not accept a medical exemption.  Join Kim this Sunday on America’s Veteran’s Stories when Vietnam Navy Veteran Jerry shares his story.  The show broadcasts 3-4pm on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  Additional shows can be heard Sunday, 10-11pm and Saturday, 10-11pm.  The Epoch Times reports that at least 5.4 million Americans have purchased firearms, one in three being women, for the first time in 2021.  Schumer, meanwhile, requests $5.8 billion from the federal government for an Interstate Task Force on illegal guns for the state of New York.  A business owner in downtown Denver will begin charging a 1% fee to cover shoplifting costs.  Attention should be on the shoplifters, not the innocent consumer.  We are in a battle for the education of our children.  The Bill of the Day, HB22-1060 Contribution Limits School District Director Candidate, will make it more difficult for non-teacher union candidates to win election.  Per the summary:  “Concerning the establishment of contribution limits under the “Fair Campaign Practices Act” for candidates for school district director.”  Kim rightfully points out that “unions” are never mentioned in this bill.  This is as ridiculous as Lone Tree’s rule that a candidate for City Council is not allowed to put a candidate sign on their car.  This is government overreach and suppression of free speech.  McConnell warns Biden regarding an extreme left nominee for the open Supreme Court justice seat.  Steve has started a countdown:  voters have 279 days to get a photo ID to vote.

Jewels Gray is a candidate for Colorado Congressional District 8, the new district as a result of redistricting.  Jewels is the only candidate that is not a current politician.  Her number one priority is education.  She will work to keep CRT, Critical Race Theory, out of our schools and minimize the teacher union’s influence on policy.  Jewels will advocate for local control of education.  Kids are failing all over the country and we must redirect funding for social justice programs to the fundamentals:  reading, writing, science, math, history, civic knowledge and critical thinking skills.  As the federal debt surpasses $30 trillion, Jewels will work against frivolous spending and work for a balanced budget.  The Epoch Times reports Fauci knew about the origin of the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus.  Jewels will demand a special counsel to investigate and prosecute Fauci.  Voters must be involved, beginning with the upcoming caucuses.

Candidate for Douglas County Sheriff, John Anderson, joins Kim to discuss the important issues for law enforcement.  John will be a Constitutional Sheriff.  He believes that there is severe government overreach in violation of our constitutional rights.  He will not enforce laws, rules, regulations, and mandates, including the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus mandates, that are unconstitutional.  Crime is on the rise throughout the Denver metro area and Douglas County is no exception.  John remarks that there are the same number of deputy’s, eleven, on patrol today as there were 15 years ago.  He will increase that number to keep residents safe.  The Red Flag law in Colorado is clearly unconstitutional.  He will work with legislators to repeal this law.  He will also put in place a special task force to combat sex trafficking, homelessness and crimes against the elderly.  When police respond to a call there will be a police officer, a clinician, and a mental health specialist under his plan.  John explains that he will lease the county’s medical jail facility and direct funding from the Justice Center tax to hire more officers, which will help with current morale issues.  John concludes that we must focus on our Constitution and our rights.  Public safety is a priority and it must be combined with constitutional policing.

Danielle Greene with Kirsch Insurance discusses the open enrollment period, January 1-March 31, 2022, for Medicare Advantage plans.  If you are currently on a Medicare advantage plan this is an opportunity to change plans. There are many new plans to review for the year, including zero co-pays with specialists.  This is a free service to examine what is best for you.  Additionally, Danielle states that if you are approaching 65 you need to know the A and B dates.  Contact Danielle either through the website or call 303-397-7830.

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