Candidate Interviews: Steve Noblitt and Kevin Conrad

Kim is in studio with candidate for El Paso County Sheriff Steve Noblitt and Kevin Conrad, candidate for Senate District 35.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Candidate Interviews: Steve Noblitt and Kevin Conrad

Kim is in studio with candidate for El Paso County Sheriff Steve Noblitt and Kevin Conrad, candidate for Senate District 35. Bill of the Day, HB22-1134:  Measures To Reduce Use Single-use Meal Accessories, is an embarrassment as the Colorado legislature is worried about disposable spoons in people’s kitchen drawer while the legislature pays little attention to rising crime rates, food supply crisis and a trucking crisis.  What if I forget to ask for a spoon from Wendy’s?  Will I have to eat my chili with my fingers?  Kevin Conrad explains that his candidacy is based on less government, deregulation and the rights of individuals.  A Japanese firm states that tests have proven that Ivermectin is effective in the treatment of Omicron.

Will Trachman, General Counsel for Mountain States Legal Foundation, discusses with Kim discrimination by the Biden administration.  Will looks at two cases they are presently involved in.  The first is a discrimination case involving ranchers in Wyoming and Tennessee who were not eligible for government assistance because of their skin color.  The second is a white man working for the Colorado prison system who was required to take a diversity training program that was extremely offensive to whites.  Biden and the left discriminate repeatedly.  Most recently when Biden stated that his Supreme Justice nominee is to be based on skin color and gender, not merit.  An ABC poll shows that 76% Americans want their Supreme Court justice selected on merit.

Show sponsor Karen Levine, with RE/MAX Alliance, 303-877-7516 explains that The National Association of Realtors has given the Colorado Association of Realtors Foundation $2 million for victims of the Marshall Fire to cover rent or mortgage payments as the renter/homeowner waits for their insurance policy to provide the funds.  Fire victims can visit the Foundation’s website or call Karen directly.

Kim discusses with Kevin and Steve their priorities for the state of Colorado to protect people’s rights.  Kevin points out that Polis and the left are out to destroy the agricultural community which brings in $41 billion overall to our economy.  The radical left PBI’s (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) are focused on shutting down Colorado’s coal and oil and gas industry.  Now it is the agriculture industry they want to destroy.  Fees, regulations and inflation are stifling farmers and ranchers, leading some into bankruptcy or permanent closure.  We must push back.  Steve has been a police officer for twenty-eight years and is a Marine Veteran.  He will be a Constitutional sheriff and a guardian of everyone’s Constitutional rights.  Steve will not execute unconstitutional laws, regulations, executive orders, or search warrants.  The “Red Flag” law is unconstitutional.  Crime is up throughout Colorado.  Colorado is #1 in car thefts.  Policies coming out of Denver are inhibiting officers to do their job.  There is overreach and antitrust from the Denver capitol elites.  Steve concludes that law enforcement is in crisis.  Law enforcement stands in the gap between the people who want to harm you and you.

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