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Rick Turnquist explains why Colorado can't afford the FAMLI bill.


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  • Rick Turnquist makes the case for why Colorado can’t afford the FAMLI bill

Colorado Can’t Afford the FAMLI Bill

Rick Turnquist

rick turnquist americhicks

Rick Turnquist

Kim and guest Rick Turnquist examine how the growth of government programs create envy and take away the incentive to prosper. PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) establish programs that many times enrich their own pockets, all at the taxpayers’ expense. The role of government is to protect rights and property; not forcibly take away freedom and resources of the people they represent.

Rick dissects his editorial piece on FAMLI for Colorado. He is adamantly opposed as this is a direct assault on personal freedom. There is no need for the government to take away from one person, forcefully, to redistribute to others. People have the right to keep their hard-earned money, their property. Instead of FAMLI, the state should cut taxes across the board so people can save on their own for their personal needs and wants.

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