Colorado Democrats Want Your Money

Colorado Democrats are looking for ways not to send refunds to taxpayers and instead sidestep the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) in order to keep tax revenue in the billions.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Colorado Democrats Want Your Money

Kim invites listeners to tune into her interview with Marine Pilot Vietnam Veteran Bear Owen on America’s Veterans Stories this Sunday, 3pm and 10pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM. Through force, the government is taking money from those working and giving to people who are not working even though multiple job opportunities are advertised throughout the Denver Metro area and the nation. “Teflon” Polis seems to get a pass on the economic destruction experienced by small business owners due to his executive orders and policies. A rare neurological disorder is associated with the Johnson & Johnson experimental gene therapy vaccine. A whistleblower reports that informed consent is not being offered when COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus vaccinations are being dispensed. Nikki Haley correctly describes Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s invitation to the UN to investigate the United States on racism and minority issues as “insane.” The Olympic Committee looks to re-brand the American flag. NO! We have an American flag and we don’t need to change it.

Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, reports that the number of homes listed for sale has risen 6% in June in comparison to last June bringing more choices to buyers. Overall inventory is still less. The “price dependent” range of $450-550,000 is still very challenging. Public policies are affecting prices, growth boundaries being one. Biden is placing one-sentence policies in proposals that attack single-family housing. He is also bringing back policies from the Obama years, including AFFH, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. Douglas County residents are telling commissioners NO! to any participation in this program.

Colorado Democrats are looking for ways not to send refunds to taxpayers and instead sidestep the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) in order to keep tax revenue in the billions. Decline to Sign when approached about ballot Initiative 25: LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program. The Denver Republican Party gets two initiatives on the City and County of Denver November ballot. The first initiative states Denver will provide a safe and secure place for the homeless. The second initiative will allow homeowners to sue for “loss of enjoyment of their property” against Denver if trespassers are not removed within 72 hours from private property after a complaint is made. Transparency through election integrity keeps our elections free and fair. Texas state representatives from the Democrat party flee in a chartered plane, unmasked, to Washington, DC, because they did not get their way on legislation. Is this good governance? It is all about power and control, and nothing about true representation of the people.

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