Colorado Democrats and Their Barbaric Regard for the Unborn

Dr. Douglas Groothius shares his thought on Colorado House Bill 22-1279, The Reproductive Health Equity Act. Allen Thomas discusses his latest essay, The Folly of Licensure Exams. Bill of the Day is HB22-1236, Parents Bill of Rights.
An unborn child and the Colorado State Flag used as the image for a story about Colorado's Reproductive Health Equity Act.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Colorado Democrats and Their Barbaric Regard for the Unborn

Colorado House Bill 22-1279, The Reproductive Health Equity Act, seeks to remove any restrictions on abortions in Colorado. The bill is highly divisive and controversial. The bill faces intense opposition from a coalition of pro-life groups and causes. Hundreds of Coloradans spoke against the bill in over fourteen hours of testimony. The debate on the Colorado House floor lasted more than 24 hours. Despite the opposition to the bill, it passed the House and the Senate Judiciary Committee on party-line votes, with Democrats voting to move the bill to law. The next stop for the bill is the Colorado Senate, where the bill is expected to pass if the party-line voting continues.

Dr. Douglas Groothuis, Professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary, was one of the hundreds that gave testimony against The Reproductive Health Equity ActHe joins Kim in the second hour of today’s broadcast to discuss the moral and legal issues with the bill and the implications if it passes. Dr. Groothius has also written an essay on the subject, Abortion, Law, and Human Value.

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Allen Thomas on Colorado’s Puzzling Licensure Demands

Kim Monson Show featured author Allen Thomas joins Kim in the first hour of today’s show to discuss his essay, The Folly of Licensure Exams. The essay acknowledges the stated benefits of licensure exams: public trust, certification of competency, registration with a body responsible for oversight. Thomas then looks at the process itself, as well as the results, and makes a strong case for an overhaul of the licensure system if it is to work as intended.

Bill of the Day HB22-1236, Parents Bill of Rights

Bill summary:

The bill establishes a parent’s bill of rights that sets forth specific parental rights related to directing the upbringing, education, and health care of a minor child.

The bill requires a board of education of a school district, board of cooperative services, charter school, or institute charter school, in consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators, to develop and adopt a policy to promote the involvement of parents of the enrolled minor child.

The bill prohibits an individual, corporation, association, organization, state-supported institution, or individual employed by any of these entities from procuring, soliciting to perform, arranging for the performance of, or performing a surgical procedure upon a minor without written or verbal consent from the minor’s parent. Parental consent is not required if the minor is in the custody of a county department of human or social services or the division of youth services.

Bill of the Day HB22-1236, Parents Bill of Rights is sponsored by Representative Tonya Van Beber, a Republican. The only issue with this bill seems to be that more lawmakers have not sponsored it.

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