Colorado’s Bureaucratic Dysfunction

Susan Kochevar, owner of 88 Drive-In Theatre, discusses election integrity with Kim. 

Kim has coined a new term, “founding Fatherish.”  America’s Veteran’s Stories featuring WWII D-Day Veteran, Retired Army Major General John Raaen, broadcast this past Sunday.  It can be heard again this coming weekend on KLZ 560 AM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website or the KLZ app at 10pm Sunday.  Starbucks, which offers high hourly wages and benefits for both full-time and part-time employees is closing stores because of an insufficient number of employees to staff their coffee shops.  Senator Bob Dole, former Presidential candidate from Kansas, passes on at 98.  He was stoic and had a great sense of humor.  Sen. Dole sustained a life changing injury to his right arm during the Second World War.  Kim discusses her participation in a zoom meeting regarding elections.  The Bipartisan Election Committee Meeting is associated with the Secretary of State’s office.  Officials talked about the 2021 coordinated election and Kim suggests that municipalities should run their own elections not the country clerks.  Kim believes that there is too much opportunity for fraud with the current mail-in ballot system and perhaps we should move to paper ballots.  Kim also notes that voting by jail and prison inmates should not be allowed.  Officials stated that there should be the implementation of more “accessible ballots,” but does not offer an explanation of what that means.  Officials also talked about “Democracy Live,” touting a potential online voter registration system with the registrant only required to provide their name, date of birth and last four numbers of their Social Security number.  Kim concludes with what she perceives as a conflict of interest regarding Colorado County Clerks Association Executive Director Matt Crane and his wife’s previous employment with Dominion Voting Systems.

Marlin Kirsch, owner of Kirsch Insurance Group, alerts listeners that tomorrow, December 7th, is the last day of the Medicare Open Enrollment Period.  Kirsch Insurance Group has proprietary software that helps determine the best Medicare plan for you.  This is extremely helpful for those on a Medicare prescription plan.  The period from January 1st through March 30th is called the Open Election Period which allows subscribers a one-time opportunity to change their Advantage Plan.

Guest Susan Kochevar, owner of 88 Drive-In Theatre, discusses election integrity with Kim.  Susan remarks that when she ran for the Colorado state legislature in 2019 a truck full of ballots went missing for a week, ostensibly because of insufficient documentation.  Kim and Susan analyze the dismal jobs report released last Thursday.  People are not working because they have been paid not to work during the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus disruption.  Hiring employees has become very expensive because of taxes, rules and regulations.  Susan calls it “regulation tyranny.”  The Department of Health is a glaring example with all their miscellaneous mandates.  Health departments have “captured our country.”  Sue states accurately, “there are never enough regulators to oversee the regulators.”  College is not for everyone and we should honor and encourage “working with our hands” entrepreneurship and employment.

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