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Congressman Ken Buck joins Kim to discuss the House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing. Don Watkins and Kim have a conversation on the unintended consequences of carbon taxes.


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  • Congressman Ken Buck on impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee
  • Don Watkins of the Center for Industrial Progress on carbon taxes

Congressman Ken Buck on Trump Impeachment Hearing

Congressman Ken Buck

ken buck americhicks

Congressman Ken Buck

Kim is joined by Congressman Ken Buck. Congressman Buck sits on the House Judiciary Committee.

Today there will be a hearing on impeachment which Congressman Buck will attend. Congressman Buck will fill us in about what we might expect from today’s hearings.

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Headlines for Hope

My valued sponsors

Don Watkins

Don Watkins

Could it be Possible that Some of the World’s Top Economists are Wrong About a Carbon Tax?

Would a carbon tax hurt the opportunity for humans to thrive and flourish? Can humans thrive, prosper and care for the earth at the same time?

Don Watkins, Director of Education at the Center for Industrial Progress joins Kim to answer these important questions.

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