COVID-19 Falsehoods

Dr.James Lyons-Weiler talks with Kim and Dr. Vecchio on current COVID-19 falsehoods.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
COVID-19 Falsehoods

Change is taking place today as ordinary people talk to one another, questioning their legislator’s actions. Producer Steve brings to light three significant events that took place yesterday: 1) Rand Paul’s commanding dialogue with Fauci in a committee hearing, 2) Biden’s disastrous speech in Georgia, and 3) Ted Cruz’s specific questions in regards to January 6, 2021, of Jill Sanborn, Executive Assistant Director for the FBI’s National Security Branch, receiving the same mundane response, “Sir, I cannot answer that.” This includes, “Who is Ray Epps?” As we search for truth and clarity, the truth will eventually be revealed.

Dr.James Lyons-Weiler talks with Kim and Dr. Vecchio on current COVID-19 falsehoods. Dr. Lyons-Weiler is the founder of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge and author at Popular Rationalism. Dr. Jack begins the discussion detailing his interaction with a pediatrician’s testing for COVID-19 and why Dr. Jack recommended stopping testing, especially since 91% of the test results are false positives. Dr. Jill and Dr. Jack go into detail regarding the cycle threshold. There are four problems with the testing narrative:

  1. It makes the epidemic seem worse than it is.
  2. Many think they have had COVID-19 who do not.
  3. It manipulates how omicron is perceived.
  4. Makes many feel a person can get COVID-19 twice.

Dr. Jack believes that we may have reached herd immunity, and if not, we are very close. There is lousy testing and gross misrepresentation regarding COVID-19 and the current variation, omicron. Dr. Jack advocates treating patients before s/he reach the point of needed hospitalization. He recommends Dr. David Brownstein’s baseline protocol adding that quercetin and zinc are two essential vitamins in defense of COVID-19; Dr. Jack’s study can be found here. However, the CDC and WHO want hospitalizations so that they can push their vaccinations, another public policy issue where we must “follow the money.” At the current rate, children will see 192 boosters in their lifetime if big PHARMA, CDC, and Fauci get their way. Kim, Dr. Jack, and Dr. Jill end with a detailed discussion on ADE, Antibody-dependent Enhancement.

Lorne Levy, a sponsor of both of Kim’s shows and mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial, 303-880-8881, reports that interest rates have increased slightly and are now just above 3%. This was an expected increase based on previous Federal Reserve statements. Because of questionable stock trades, Federal Vice Chairman Richard Clarida’s resignation was based on his knowledge of what the Federal Reserve would be doing in the future and not that he had information on specific stocks. This is the opposite of Pelosi, whose husband has made millions through stock options. Pelosi’s defense is that her husband is doing the trading and not her. Lorne notes that many people are now mirroring Pelosi’s husband’s stock trading in hopes of simulating a high return on their investment.

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