COVID-19/Wuhan-China Virus Fallacies

Dr. Jill Vecchio, one of the few who read in its entirety the Affordable Care Act, joins Kim to talk about fallacies regarding the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
COVID-19/Wuhan-China Virus Fallacies

Read Rick Turnquist’s recent op-ed, Still Unfit to Govern (  A new podcast featuring Pastor Christine Uwizera Coleman centering on forced vaccinations and socialism ( is up for your listening.  Kim invites listeners to events throughout Colorado to hear Leslie Manookian, President and Founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund.  Thursday, 8/26/2021, at Message of life Ministries, 605 18th St. SW, Loveland, 6-8pm (tickets:; Friday, 8/27/2021, at Deep Space, 11020 S. Pikes Peak Dr., Parker, 6-8pm (https://tickets: and; Saturday, 8/28/2021, at Central Christian Church, 3690 East Cherry Creek South Dr., Denver, 6-8pm (tickets:  Doors open at 5:30pm each night.

Denver is preparing to accept Afghan refugees.  Have they been vetted?  Have they received the coerced COVID-19 vaccinations?  On the plane no one was seen with a mask on the first plane out of Afghanistan. What’s the quarantine policy once they get to U.S. soil?  Biden’s response to the collapse of Afghanistan and takeover by the Taliban is horrendous.  Refugees should receive care through charities not non-profits (NGO’s) funded by taxpayers’ money.  Charities are held accountable by donors whereas the government is not.  Future generations will be paying for this and the other trillions of dollars Biden has spent.  LA Times Editorial Board believes that single-family housing should be sacrificed for “equity” in housing affordability.  University of Virginia disenrolls over 200 students because they did not comply with COVID-19 mandates.

Frequent guest Dr. Jill Vecchio, one of the few who read in its entirety the Affordable Care Act, joins Kim to talk about fallacies regarding the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus.  Officials keep changing “facts” and protocols.  At this point in time there is no real test to differentiate between the original COVID-19 and the Delta variant.  A genetic test must be used.  We have gone beyond the Delta variant and are at the Kappa variant.  The Delta variant is being used to heighten fear.  Statistics are being manipulated concerning breakthrough cases.  Blood clotting continues to be highlighted as one of the adverse effects.  After FDA approval of vaccinations we will see many more mandates.  Jill concludes by suggesting listeners read the American Association Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) guide to treatments, and the guide to doctors in areas that will treat patients for COVID-19.  The link is:Physician List & Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment – AAPS | Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (

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