Current Events and Energy

Bob Boswell, CEO of Laramie Energy, joins Kim to discuss current events and its influence on energy.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Current Events and Energy

Leslie Manookian, President and Founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund, will be speaking throughout the Colorado Front Range at the end of the week:  Thursday, 8/26/2021, at Message of Life Ministries, 605 18th St. SW, Loveland, 6-8pm (tickets:; Friday, 8/27/2021, at Deep Space, 11020 S. Pikes Peak Dr., Parker, 6-8pm (https://tickets: and; Saturday, 8/28/2021, at Central Christian Church, 3690 East Cherry Creek South Dr., Denver, 6-8pm (tickets:  Doors open at 5:30pm each night.

The FBI found no evidence of coordination between people at the Capitol on January 6th.  The officer who killed Ashli Babbit is cleared of any wrongdoing.  Kim notes that eyewitnesses reported that there were instigators for violence in the crowd and the crowd did not respond.  The founding of America is based on the principle that all men are created equal.  Lindsay Moore, candidate for School Board District #20 (northern half of Colorado Springs) wants to “conserve” this principle.  It is our duty to take control of local boards in order to stop the anti-American assault that our children experience every day.  LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress, which would be run by an unelected, unaccountable “Authority” is another big government program to take control of our children.  LEAP is not the proper role of government and must be defeated.  We must set our children up for success by teaching them the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history and critical thinking skills.  Lindsay congratulates those who stood at Douglas County School Board headquarters protesting the mask mandate.  To learn more about Lindsay and assist in her campaign visit:  Kimberlee Bell, owner of Kunjani Coffee, updates us with special events, including Friday night live music and Saturday lessons learning to play chess.  Thursday through Saturday, Kunjani is open until 9:00pm with happy hour from 4-7pm.  Visit Kunjani’s website to learn more:

Bob Boswell, CEO of Laramie Energy, joins Kim to discuss current events and its influence on energy.  Bob thinks it is ironic that Biden closes the Keystone pipeline and then asks OPEC to produce more oil while at the same time giving the green light for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 which provides oil for Germany.  Obtaining federal and state oil and gas leases and permits is proving difficult, including here in Colorado.  Renewable energy is a supplement, not a replacement.  California will now build natural gas plants to bring “energy stability” to the state.  Additionally, power lines have not been maintained, causing more energy chaos for California.  The state of affairs in Afghanistan will influence energy policy in the Middle East and come to the shores of America.  It has been reported that $1-3 trillion of rare earth minerals are in Afghanistan, a key ingredient for electric vehicles.  People forget that fossil fuels are affordable, efficient, abundant and reliable for our cars and for our homes.  China has the highest fossil fuel emissions in the world at 14.3% of global emissions as a result of dirty coal production.  Saudi Arabian Oil Company is ranked second with Russia coming in at number three.  China spent more than $65 million in the U.S. to influence foreign operations, per Open Secrets.  Elections matter, there are consequences.  Lincoln said:  “The ballot is more important than the bullet.”

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