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Rob Natelson explains how the Constitution guides the impeachment process. Cody Hubley speaks on the Greater Denver area's poop problems. A look at problems with Arapahoe County's ballot counting timeliness.


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  • Cody Hubley on Denver’s poop problem.
  • Rob Natelson on the Constitution’s role in impeachment.
  • Problems with Arapahoe County’s ballot counting timeliness.

Denver’s Got a Poop Problem

Rob Natelson

rab natelson americhicks

Rob Natelson

Denver business owner, Jawaid Bazyar, is being fined for refusing to remove human waste and drug paraphernalia left by homeless people on his business property. His refusal stems from the fact that when called Denver police refuse to remove homeless individuals from his property. Jawaid is ready to take on the city of Denver in this matter.

Guest, Cody Hubley, joins Kim in a discussion of the poop problem.

The Constitution Guides Impeachment, not Politics

We don’t even have to buy a ticket to watch the circus that is going on in Washington with the impeachment proceedings in Congress. It’s all political on the part of the radical, activists who have taken over the Democrat party. The Democrat party of today is not the Democrat party of JFK. The Constitution actually guides the impeachment process. Monday, Constitutional Expert, Rob Natelson, will explain what the Constitution actually says and means. It promises to be an important conversation. Read the piece at Complete Colorado.


Denver's Got a Poop Problem

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The Constitution Guides Impeachment, not Politics

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Arapahoe County Under Scrutiny for Failure to Complete Balklot Count in a Timely Manner

Following the most recent elections, Arapahoe County was heavily critiqued for the length of time it took to count ballots. Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Joan Lopez stated that her office will review the process within Arapahoe County.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold sent observers to the Arapahoe County ballot processing facility.

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