Does America Have PTSD?

Andi Buerger, founder of Voices Against Trafficking addresses the question: Does America have PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)?
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Does America Have PTSD?

Without hesitancy, Kim begins with Biden’s experimental drug door-to-door campaign. This means there is a national database and tracking system in place relative to the Wuhan-China vaccination. Is this still America, the Land of the Free? Attention should instead be placed on China and Russia as they threaten the US. Both state the US has lost its dominance. Biden adds to the international threat by rolling back Trump-era sanctions on Iran, including its sale of oil. Iran is the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world.

The teachers’ unions indoctrination of our children in schools has parents asking where to send their children. Public school enrollment this past year fell 3%. Decline to sign Initiative 25: LEAP. Do not be fooled. The unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy will not let parents make choices but will have parents make selections of programs from preselected options with a list of preselected providers. Through an executive order Biden begins a new effort that will make it easier for millions of immigrants to become citizens. NSA does not deny it has been tracking Tucker Carlson. The one who identifies as the inventor of mRNA vaccines has his LinkedIn account deleted after questioning whether everyone should get the vaccination. Barbershops and hair stylists are asked to aid in encouraging people to get the jab. Colorado will expand its testing program to schools, especially schools with students too young to get the vaccination.

Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial Group, has not yet seen inflation in mortgage rates as interest rates remain steady. Attention will be on the Federal Reserve minutes to be released today. Give Lorne a call at 303-880-8881 for either a new mortgage or a refinance before the rates increase.

Andi Buerger, founder of Voices Against Trafficking (, addresses the question: Does America have PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)? The answer: Yes! People have been dealing with the Wuhan-China virus/COVID-19 for over a year and are now exhibiting anger and frustration from a general fear of the unknown. The constant barrage of negative news keeps people on edge. A relationship with God, knowing that there is someone greater than themselves can help individuals live, not just exist, during these trying times. Do your due diligence. Many churches today are not preaching the Gospel but social justice. Lead by example. Trafficking is going on at the border as children are being sold by coyotes; it is our duty to take care of the innocent. Be active. Stay engaged. Support Andi’s organization that educates and brings awareness to this tragedy. Be a part of the solution.

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