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Americans can achieve anything they set their minds to; repeal the Red Flag Law; coronavirus; preservation of your money and; Colorado candidates advocating for families and individual rights.


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  • HB 20-1271, Repeal Red Flag and Amend 72-hour Hold,
  • Dr. Dana Chang, a Wuhan, China native, on China’s coronavirus outbreak
  • Candidates Samantha Koch and Dougsend on why they are running for office

Doug Townsend and Samantha Koch: Conservatives Running for Change

Doug Townsend

Samantha Koch Kim Monson Show

Samantha Koch

doug townsend kim monson show

Doug Townsend

Samantha Koch

Dr. Dana Cheng, Sr. Editor of China News for The Epoch Times, is from Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus originated.  Having these deep ties to Wuhan, Dr. Cheng states that the virus is man-made having been produced in a lab. An American pharmaceutical company is working on a cure. Why did 40 days lapse before China went public on this deadly virus? Censorship by the government-owned media is one reason.

Jason McBride joins Kim to discuss the “golden years.” People want more money in retirement and less taxes. Knowledge is power and that is what participants will get out of the workshops being held on Saturday.

Candidates Samantha Koch (HD1) and Doug Townsend (SD31) join Kim to discuss why they are running for office. Samantha and Doug discuss the importance of families making decisions on healthcare and education versus the government. Preservation of individual rights is essential. Out of state influence and current Colorado policy that gives socialism credibility must be stopped. Rebuilding respectful communication with our neighbors will help in achieving this goal.

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