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Dr. Laura Schlessinger joins Kim to discuss her new book, Love & Life. There's a little surprise in this episode...don't miss it!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger on Love and Life


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  • Dr. Laura Schlessinger joins Kim to discuss her new book, Love & Life.
  • Representative Devin Nunes on his intent to sue Adam Schiff over accessing phone records without a warrant
  • Updates on Stand for Colorado, which takes place January 8

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger kim monson show

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

We are less than a month out from the start of the new Colorado legislative session.

Join Kim and many other Colorado residents at the Stand for Colorado Rally and help welcome those rascals back to the Colorado General Assembly.

The phone records of House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes were exposed during the impeachment inquiry.
Nunes says he is ‘definitely going to take legal action’.

Representative Adam Schiff obtained these phone records from AT&T without a warrant.

Impeachment is not about actual crimes, it is instead about making sure President Trump does not serve a second term.

A group known as the Sunrise Movement distributed a fake ‘climate emergency’ letter which it claimed had been issued by the Denver Office of Sustainability.

Love, Fulfillment, Success.

Kim is joined by Dr. Laura to share her no-nonsense advice on living a decent and productive life. They will talk about controversial topics and some of the thorniest problems that face today’s parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, men, and women.

Based on her new book Love & Life, Dr. Laura will provide solutions to everyday situations that modern life presents.


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