Energy Policies and the Upcoming Elections

Tom Petrie and Kim discuss energy policies and the upcoming election. Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas on Covid-19 and its broad impacts, her support for law enforcement, and her advocacy for Douglas County school resource officers.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Energy Policies and the Upcoming Elections
  • Douglas County Commissioner running for re-election, Lora Thomas, notes that it is very important to look at the severity of COVID-19 cases, not just that there are more cases, especially since more testing is done.  We also must acknowledge depression and other effects from the restrictions.  Lora emphasizes her support for law enforcement and her advocacy that brought millions in funding for School Resource Officers in Douglas County schools.
  • A listener espouses the premise that 9News is not just reporting the news, they are inciting violence and creating news.  She describes inconsistencies in the reporting of the death of Lee Keltner by Matthew Dolloff who was hired by 9News for security protection.  She notes that 9News and The Denver Post very possibly was in collaboration with the agitators after extensively reviewing video of the shooting.
  • Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth reviews his analysis of the Trump tax cuts.  Jason’s comparison before and after the tax cuts can be viewed at  The numbers prove that the tax cuts were financially helpful to everyday, hard working people.
  • Guest Tom Petrie, energy investment banker, states that candidates on the 2020 ballot stand in stark opposition to one another.  Tom views the ballot through three lenses:  post-election uncertainty in the stock market, climate change initiatives and geo-political positioning.  We have gone through the abyss with oil prices.  Local disruptions, like setback policies in Colorado, will continue to influence development and price.  Venezuela is a classic case of systemic impoverishment.  Biden changes his language on banning fracking to appease areas like western Pennsylvania.

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